Sunday, October 13, 2013

Kiss me not


            Ting Tong, the bell rang.
             Kunal was engrossed in the cricket match. "This better not be a salesman" he swore. He pulled himself up from the sofa. There was tap tap tapping on the door. "Wait a moment" he shouted.
             Screeeeeeeeeee the wooden door grumbled as he forced it open.

            "Payal!" he gasped. For a moment, he felt as if he was floating. She stood at his door, equally amused.
            "Kunal" she muttered finally, her lips quivering.
            She was dressed in a white salwar kameez, completely drenched. When he regained his senses, he ushered her in. She followed meekly.

            He switched off the television and went in to fetch a towel.
            "Here, dry yourself. You can use the room to your left" he said, handing her the towel.
            She went into the room. He stared at her back. Her clothes stuck to her skin, revealing her small clothes. He felt something stir in him. He brushed his thoughts aside.

             He set the coffee brewing and made a call to place order for lunch.
             Tring Tirrrrrrrrrring the phone rang but no one picked up until the last ring. He tried another service. They refused to give home delivery because of heavy rains.
             He raided the kitchen drawers and found a packet of Magi. "This would do" he thought.

             He went near the room.
             Clink, clink, clink, her metal bangles moved as she dried her hair. She had put her clothes to dry on the stand and was clad in his white kurta. His kurta covered her thighs but her legs were bare. He stood there staring, then she turned back and gave a naughty smile. As if she knew what was on his mind.

            "Sorry, my clothes were too wet to wear. Your night kurta was hanging by the door, as usual."
            "Oh!" was all he said.

            They sat on the sofa with a cup of coffee and a bowl of Magi each. She curled up to one side. Her face was flushed pink with the hot bath.
            Pitter Patter the rain continued. Dark clouds gathered in the sky. It was going to rain all day.
            Doooooooom, the power gave out. They sat in silence, darkness enveloping them.

           "How did you come here?" He asked her.
           " I came to seek a shelter. I did not know its your house."
           " You stay close by?" he asked further.
           " Does it matter?" she countered.  He didn't reply.

           Slurrrrrrrrp he sucked the remnants of his Magi. She looked at him, irritated.
           "Tch, your old habits still remain" she remarked.
           " I never changed" he said bitterly.

             It hurt him to realize how much effect she still had on him. She sipped on her coffee lightly. Her hair, still damp, fell to her shoulders, wetting her delicate neck. Her slight frame lay propped up on the cushions of his sofa. Her slender fingers lay curled on the coffee cup. Every part of her evoked memories, lustful memories. Why must she make me so weak? he complained to himself.
             He bore hardly any resemblance to his former self. His two day stubble gave him a rough appearance. His once flat stomach, protruded a bit. He had put on more kilos. He wondered if she would even find him attractive now. How does that matter? She had once found him most handsome and yet dumped him.

           He was immersed in his thoughts when he felt her close to him. She hugged him from one side. He was befuddled. One thing led to other and he found himself in her.

           He lay staring at the ceiling. Her soft snores ringing in his ears.
           Tick Tock Tick of  the clock was the only sound in the room.

           He gathered his thoughts. No, he would not let her play with him again. She had once enticed  him and made him a slave of her charms. He would have given up anything to be with her. Yet she had left him in a lurch to go abroad for better opportunities. A clean break, that was what she had asked him. She had not even told him before boarding the flight. He wouldn't give her a chance to break him again. She would not influence him now. Still, a part of him knew, he already lost. She had just as easily tricked him into bed as she had entered his house.
         She stirred beside him. Nuzzling close, she whispered, " I had forgotten how good it was to be with you".
         "Are you married?" He found himself asking.
         He was numb. They were only 21 when they were in a relationship. A decade had gone by. He had been occupied with his medical profession and was yet to get married, although his parents were looking for a match. She on the other hand was married and cheating!

        He felt sick of all that he had done. He went into the shower and hoped she would just disappear before he was out.
        He came out in his bathrobe.
        Tack, tack, tack her heels echoed from the hall. She was dressed up to leave.
       "I m leaving for now. I will back" she gave a twisted smile.
       "You won't be." He said firmly
       "Oh come on, don't act all righteous. You lie that you don't enjoy what I do to you."
       "I m not your slave. You cannot use me as you like" he raged.
        She walked towards him and undid the knot of his robe. She hugged him passionately. He had goosebumps all over.
        " I will be back" she kissed his ear lobe.

        Screech... the car halted abruptly, a few feet away from the cliff. He stepped out and looked around. Heavy rains had discouraged tourists. He opened the car and pulled her out. He lifted her slim body and flung her down the cliff.

      " It was preordained. It was preordained". He kept telling himself. "She didn't have to find my house for shelter. She didn't have to torture me all over again. I didn't have to store the sedatives in the cupboard and inject her. I wouldn't have killed her. It was all preordained. I m free now"

       He went home and slumped on the sofa.

      Thud. The door was broken by the policemen who accompanied his parents. The stench was overwhelming. He lay on the floor. Dead.

      He died of an overdose of his antidepressant medicines.

      His mother's shrieks were drowned by the weeeoooweeeooo of the ambulance.



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Keirthana said...

Dark yet enticing story

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Gripping tale with so many different elements!

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Oh God! *Shivers* This was veryy good!

Meety said...

Interestingly penned!!1 I so love the way you write!!

Red Handed said...

GODDAMN!!! WOMAN!!! This was soooo superbly twisted!!!!

Anita Jeyan said...

Very interesting read !!!!!

maithili said...

Thank you Keirthana :)

maithili said...

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maithili said...

THank you sis :)

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Meety, you officially made my day when I read this after a crappy day at college :D

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