Monday, May 19, 2014


                When I started this blog, I had no great aspirations about the blog or my future as a writer. It was just a corner where I could explore my imaginations and play with words. Even then I had been clear of one thing- this blog would be largely about creative work than my own outbursts or views. It had been a deliberate move to keep away the real me while I step into multiple lives and characters.

                I think I owe it to the readers who have constantly encouraged me to keep writing. I think the best people I could turn to would be the ones who know my writing and who can help me overcome this state of inertia. I have this intense urge to write. To write something that relieves me. I have been struggling with ideas and nothing is more frustrating than not being in sync with your most prized possession. Maybe I m overworking myself. Maybe I m looking for an inspiration. What I need right now is an insightful comment or suggestion about how to tackle this. SOS!

               On the other side of life, I m done with my final year. All four  years of it for God knows what purpose! Taking life as it comes, I will start training with TCS today for no pay :( The whole month is going to drag on and the only solace I seek is blogging.



Keirthana said...

Don't beat yourself up about it. All of us have been there at some point of time. I would suggest you to take a notebook with you and keep it with you always. Scribble stuff into it as and when it strikes you. It need not necessarily be fully formed ideas or sentences. Just phrases, a curious word or description about something, a different idea that struck suddenly. Just note down anything you feel connected to. Slowly the block will lift and the inertia would go away. This worked for me, hope it does for you too.

Congrats on the great completion of 4 years! Welcome to the TCS family :) And out of curiosity how come no pay? Even for training, I thought TCS pays.

Red Handed said...

What can I say which I have not already. Babe I hope you find your inspiration. Maybe just start writing on an idea and let it develop itself.

Anita Jeyan Sandeep said...

Agree with Red. Glad you completed that four years !
And yes whatever I learned for four years at Engineering college is forgotten and I havent used those ever since dont worry about the grades or anything.
I started my blog five years ago while I was on bench at Accenture. These places are the best to write :D

the little princess said...

congrats!! that's a huge achievement!! its the corporate world now, huh? wish u all the very best!

Pratikshya Mishra said...

I too started my blog, just to write poems somewhere other than my diary....... I'm in my final year now..god knows how I'm going to survive campus selections, project etc etc...

Silent Crusader™ said...

A writer's usual phase when we want to write something so badly, express ourselves and whatever that is in our mind. But words escape out thoughts when we want to put them into paper. I am sure this phase will pass. Just don't think much about it. It will happens when it happens, and believe me it will turn out good.

Whoa, Wow! Another TCSer! Where can I ask, I mean training ? And What is up with this no pay thing? They pay in training as well right? Oh yeah, Welcome to the TCS Family.
And yeah, writing is a solace. I used to write almost every day when I was in training of three months. Everyday is a little exaggeration, but yeah, I almost did. Hope it helps.

maithili said...

I have started taking my notebook and hope I get some ideas soon :)
No pay :( Its some initial learning program where they don't pay

maithili said...

Sigh! I have been thinking of it and I think its time I just resort to reading for some days

maithili said...

Haha I hope this place gives me some inspiration :P

maithili said...

Yes, corporate now :D

maithili said...

Hehe i did my degree in Pharmacy so placements were few. I m sure you would survive :)

maithili said...

I truly want it to happen soon. The itch is getting to me :D
I m training in Mumbai. They don't pay for initial training, atleast Pharma they dont :(
Thank God my training is just 1 month. I m amusing myself with the typing test they make me take everyday :P

Silent Crusader™ said...

I just realized there were blunderous typos there. -_-

Well, start with that then. That itch. It's just a start. And the rest will just fall in place.

If I am not wrong, they do pay. But I am guessing you will get 2 months salary after 2 completing 2 months. That's what happened with us.

Oh. Lucky for you. Ours was 3 months and that too in Trivandrum. Ask anyone about it, they will probably call it a jail.
Typing test? Sounds interesting. Nice.

All the best though. :)

maithili said...

OMG! I actually thought I was the one who did typos ( since I was typing half asleep) and checked my sentences :P I m mighty proud of the 40 minutes I spent typing yesterday :P

Oh well, they made us sign a paper yesterday saying that we know ILP training is not paid :P I don't think they will pay us :( :(

Yea this ILP is all about communication and stuff and last hour dedicated to typing :O I type with 10 fingers already at 50 wpm but I still cannot leave :( They require 30 wpm but I m supposed to practice with others.

Silent Crusader™ said...

I could call myself the expert in typos. :P
Oh nice. So typing session is good after all.

What ? Seriously ? I have never seen that side in TCS. May be new I guess. :-|

10 fingers? 50wpm? Sorry, I lost you, what were you saying? :P
I don't use half of my fingers though I want to use all ten. It never happens. -_-
Oh, see. You need to tone down, slow down a bit. :P