Wednesday, January 11, 2012

A strange relation

                     Read Part 2 and Part 1
                     I decided I would go to see him after my lab work was done. I took a bus to go to college. The hospital fell on my way. When the bus halted right in front of the hospital I couldn't hold myself. I got down and walked into the hospital, not knowing who I was there to see.
                     The smell of disinfectant stung me the moment I set my foot in. Being a government hospital the out patient department was swarming. A very busy receptionist gave me a bored look on asking her several times.
                     "Madam aap kisko dekhne aayi hai? Naam toh pata hoga na?" (Madam who have you come to visit. You must be knowing the name right?" )
                     "Nahi, kal shaam ko admit hue hai.. Please zara dekhiye na." ( No, he got admitted last evening. Please check.")
                      I was uncomfortable there. I had never been to a hospital alone and pleading someone this way was beyond my nature. Still with the help of a ward boy I managed to locate the ward he was in. I heard the receptionist mutter "Kaha kaha se aajate hai". It was embarrassing.
                      He was in a ward on the second floor. I heaved a sigh of relief when I saw  Chris. He was the general secretary of our college and a very warm fellow. The hospital suddenly didn't look that gloomy.
                      "Hey Naeema, what are you doing here?" He looked surprised to see me.
                      "Chris, that guy who had an accident in our college.. how is he?"
                      "He is out of danger but he will require to be admitted for few more days. Once he becomes concious we can contact his family. His coming to conciousness is critical in the coming hours."
                       Chris was sweet and caring. He had stayed behind in hospital for a stranger all night.
                      "Chris go home and get some rest. I will stay for sometime." I told him
                      "Are you sure? I mean don't you have any class right now?" he enquired
                      "It's alright. I can manage."
                      "No Naeema, I will go once he gets concious. Any emergency might come up. I better not leave you alone here." he reasoned and  I couldn't oppose it.
                       We went into his room. His leg was plastered and his head bandaged. Tubes were inserted into his hands. That was not how I had seen him..
                       I couldn't see him anymore. I rushed out of the room and waited outside. I saw a doctor and a nurse rushing into the ward. Soon Chris came out.
                      "Naeema, come inside." he pulled me in.
                      The doctor was busy checking his pulse and eyes.
                      "Chris, now I can say he is completely safe. I have given him an injection. Get these medicines from the pharmacy downstairs and I will come on a round in an hour."
                      Those deep eyes kept looking at me. His eyes wouldn't leave me. I moved around in the ward and then with Chris outside and I could still feel his eyes on me. The nurse was still in the room and she gave me a look that could easily be read as "What's in her that he is watching so intently?" 
                       Chris left to fetch the medicines and the nurse soon took to her heels. I was now alone with Him.. I was at loss of words. I couldn't move as his gaze was fixed on me.
                       He murmured something. I tried to inch closer to him. Maybe he needed something and was too weak. I leaned closer to him to listen.
                       " I knew you would come."
                       I was numb. My tongue felt heavy as I asked, "You.. you know me?"
                      " I didn't.. But when I saw you crying yesterday, I did."
                      "What does that mean?"
                      "Do you believe in dreams?" he asked in a serious tone.
                      "You get them too?" I asked in astonishment. My life was changing.. He tried to talk some more but he was too dizzy. Perhaps the injection was making him so.
                       I called out to the nurse in the adjacent ward. She confirmed it was indeed the injection that had put him to sleep. She further added that patients do talk delusional things after coming out from such a condition. She stared longer at me but this time it was a comforting one. She asked me to not get troubled over what the patient might talk and left the room.
                      Before I could analyse what had just occurred in the room, Chris came back. He advised me to go home. There was a lot of inquiry to be done in this matter and I shouldn't get involved. I thanked him again for all the caring and left for home.
                    His thoughts left me disturbed. Nothing was going to be the same any more.
                    Later that night Misha texted me, "r u crazy? Why did u miss 2day's lab?" 
                    I knew I couldn't explain it to her and left it without replying back.
                    Still late into the night I got another SMS..
                    I didn't want to see it but still I reluctantly checked it. It was from Chris.
                    Naeema get yourself asap tomorrow morning to the hospital. 
                    I jumped out of the bed. Was he fine? Did he say anything? I thought of calling Chris but decided otherwise.
                    Sleep didn't come to me that night. I wanted morning to come soon.. The next day would answer my questions..

(to be continued)


Paanipuri Lover said...

Why maiths, why?
I want to read aage ki kahani! Why are you doing this?

Mystical Skeptical Me said...

Uh Oh! What happened?! :| Quick Quick!

sumitra said...

Ayyoo, you did it again! Too much, I say. Clever girl, keeping us hooked like this :)

TheGirlAtFirstAvenue said...

Arreee! Woman why do you end the posts like this????
I know... clever girl. Too clever!
Did they dream about each other? They knew they'd meet? I guess the next post will answer MY questions. lol! Keep it coming!

Keirthana said...

Please please put up the next part soon... You are the queen of "to be continued"... :)

Red Handed said...

Sry for not commenting...
I read the earlier one!! :)
All I can say is...pls bring up the next part sooooooooon!
Did they knew about it???

CD!!! said...

Read the earlier one and was hoping for an ending in the next one!Make it fast now.Atleast on popular demand;)

Atrocious Scribblings said...

Good build-up of momentum. Waiting for the next part.

Soumya said...

This one sure will be worth the wait :)

sulagna ™ said...

ohooo...why "to be continued"

Blasphemous Aesthete said...

Don't tell me he made rapid recovery and was asking for her even while speaking?

But wait, tell me soon. Fast.

Blasphemous Aesthete