Friday, January 6, 2012

A strange relation..

                      It was a regular day at college. The lectures that day were all boring. Just for the sake of attendance we had brought our lazy selves into the classroom. The lecturer was changing slides faster than we could open our eyes. The moment she saw one of the students paying the least attention she would get into her routine of reading the slides and make us more sleepy!
                     The first benchers were scribbling notes. The second row students were busy reading novels below their desks.

                     Misha was busy drafting a letter (rather a love letter) to her prince charming who was happily dozing off. Misha had set eyes on Rounak on the very first day of college. She had spent the entire semester deliberating whether to confess her feelings of let him guess. Rounak was the last person who would ever guess the meaning of her subdued and suppressed emotions behind her playful jokes and thoughtful SMSes.

                     Our classroom opened out to a lawn and half the class was lost looking at the final year guys who sat on the wooden benches on the other side of the lawn. They had left early it seemed. The girls were busy blushing and giggling at those guys.
                      The boys in our class seemed in a low spirit that day. A whole hour had gone by but no had started dropping their stuffs. The obvious childish hints the boys gave when they could no longer bear the constant slide reading!

                      This was the overall picture of the classroom I was in, occupying a seat between Misha and Reema. Reema, I thought, must have had a fight with her boyfriend. She was silent throughout and had lunch with us without even once excusing herself to attend a phone call that day. Misha was still writing her letter and quickly covered the book so that I couldn't get a peek at it. The last time I read it, she thought it was funny, I thought it was great. She felt I said that just because I write better than her. There was no point in arguing and I didn't bother to intrude her privacy there after.
                      An hour and a half later I kept staring at my watch to show 4.30 so that I could make a dash and catch my 5:05 local. Travelling in local trains had become a way of life and life depended on what train you caught.

                     This was one of the days when I wonder," what am I doing in a room full of idiots?" My friends were busy in their own worlds, I was fed up of giggling girls. I wanted to run away. I was praying I could just move out of the class somehow.
                     I looked out at the law, green and fresh in the month of October. Though its usually warm this time of the month, there was a little chill in the air. It looked as if the trees were dancing. I was jealous of the final year students who were out at the lawn.
                     That was when I saw him. Something about him seemed so much known and so much mine.. I was sure I had never seen him before in campus. He looked older but could he be one of the research students? I had no idea. He was busy talking on the phone and I was waiting for him to just turn around and face me fully so that I could see his face clearly. Why was I interested in seeing his face? Another question I had no answer to.

                       The immediate response I would have given to such a situation was to disturb Misha and ask her if she had seen him and she would have temporarily forgotten her preoccupation with Rounak and be as excited as if I asked her about her boyfriend!
                       But something about that day was strange. I kept looking at him for a some more minutes. Whne I was about to reach out to Misha, one of the giggling girls screamed out, "Nooooooooooo... Oh my God!!! Save him"

                       The whole class was startled. The lecturer seemed to have woken up from her meditation. Misha and Reema had a look of shock. As I looked outside the window, I could hear more screams. I tried to concentrate on the lawn and wondered where the guy went.. Then I saw him drenched in blood on the lawn...

(to be continued)            

P.S: sorry for being MIA for so long. Just lost the inspiration to write fiction. Although the entire story would be in first person narrative its entirely fiction. This was something I wrote in first year. Just found this today and got inspired to complete this story.. I will try my best to post regularly.. 


CD!!! said...

Amazing!Beautifully written!And why,WHY do you leave all the posts(most of them) on to be continued mode.When we go"ab kya hoha!!!" here comes,to be continued.
Waiting for the next part:)

Keirthana said...

Ha there you are :) With your awesome stories.. Been waiting for this so long.. :)

maithili said...

@CD: I haven't yet completed the story :P Working on it still..Will post regularly pakka :) Welcome to my blog dear and thank you soo much :)

@Keirthana: Aww thank you for your generous compliments dear :)I Hope I don't disappoint you :)

chirag said...

nice start love to read the next part
and ek bat sahi kahi
in lectures slides are going much faster than we open our eyes

Nirvana said...

Nicely written, and very clever!! Now I am hooked - waiting for you to end the story! Please, please put up the rest before I die of curiosity!!

Blasphemous Aesthete said...

What kind of stares did you exactly cast on that guy? :O

Just kidding!

Looking forward for the next installment.

Blasphemous Aesthete

Red Handed said...

What!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Why is the hottie in blooood??!!!
Bring the next part up fast fast!!!!

sumitra said...

Argh! Cliffhanger! I hate! Please please tell me quick, why was that guy drenched in blood? :D

Mystical Skeptical Me said...

Ooooh! Next Part jaldi jaldi! :D :D :D Me waiting!

maithili said...

@ Chirag: Will write soon and sabhi colleges ki wahi kahani hai! Slides change faster than we can open our eyes!!

@Nirvana: You sure won't die till then :) I will post the next part soon..

@ Blasphemous Aesthete: So nice to see your comment :) :) The next part will be soon :)

@ Sumitra: JUst a little more wait :)

@ MSM : sure sure honey :)

TheGirlAtFirstAvenue said...

How did i miss this post? This is why i hate blogger.. never shows me important updates.
Waiting for the next part!