Sunday, June 1, 2014

My father, my role model

             From the time I have been able to comprehend speech, I have been told that I am his carbon copy. I would take great pride in being my father's replica. Of course, he was the cutest person in the family and his complexion was unmatched. Short necked, dimple chinned, chubby and fair, I had his features to the T. He is the first person I ever tried to emulate.
            A role model is someone who constantly makes you want to keep your standards high. My father is that person for me. I could never bear to be bad in front of him. From Monday to Friday, I would be in care of my grandparents. My father would come to pick me up on his way home. He would carry me in his arms, be it rain or storm, and listen to my endless chatters and answer my unending questions. Sometimes my grandparents would complain to him about how naughty I have been through the day, but he would never believe it. In his care on Saturdays, I would be the most well behaved and disciplined kid ever!
            On Saturdays, he would take me to a restaurant and make me eat dosa with spoon and fork. It was my first lesson on table manners. Saturdays were also the days when he himself cooked, bitter-gourd being the vegetable of the day. Of course, wasting food was the biggest No in his presence. I gulped down even bitter-gourd. I would get rewarded in the evening, when he would take me to see an elephant or take me to the park and let me play to my heart's content. I learnt to respect food early in my childhood due his rules.

            If it were left to me, I would have never opened a book. It was he who made me sit and study for the spelling test. I was so petrified of being asked questions that I would sometimes hide in the bathroom. He would know my tricks and get me back to study. Those forceful hours seemed too less when I would come back home with a 10/10 in my spelling test. The red stars along with the 'very good' written by my teacher would make my father so happy. Soon I developed a liking for praise and the zeal to excel in studies. The coming years saw me as a topper in most subjects. All through the years, one thing would ring in my ears. My father's words- "You can create miracles if you put your heart to it."

           My father personifies perseverance for me. For about a decade he gave exam for promotion but when you are from general category and not in the fittest form, you can give up hope. He tried every year with equal interest. Sometimes we would get fed up of him spreading his books around and trying to read every holiday. His patience paid off and today when I flash my white pass while travelling, it fills me with pride and respect. It is the fruit of his hard work that today he is a gazetted officer with the railways, and every time I say that my father is a law officer, I think of all those years he tried!

          I get often teased for being too sincere and not being the one to bend rules. My father had instilled a deep sense of responsibility for duty and civic behavior in me. His dedication to work has rubbed on to me. He is a man of honor. Never in his years of service has he been tempted to take to unlawful ways. He often tells," It is easy to make money through wrong means and then lose it all through bad karma."

         My father has always given importance to the upbringing of me and my brother. Both of us owe our humility and manners to him. If it hadn't been his fear in us, we would have not been the way we are. No matter how much he loves us, he would never let go of his principles and never spare us the rod. His stare would be enough to have us correct ourselves.
shades darker now :P 

         Role models have a considerable effect on self-confidence. My father inculcated in me a feeling of self-worth. He encouraged me to form my own views and voice them without fear. He taught me to be an independent thinker and not give in to pressure. My choice was always given importance and because of that, today, when I stand in front of people and speak, I do not fear the eyes that bore into mine. I can look people straight in the eye and talk. It is now that I have joined the corporate world that I realize the importance of this trait.

        Role models give you strength and courage. They have your back even when they aren't always supportive. My career choices have been like that. I have erred, I have faltered, I have given in to depression, I have fought back and stood strong. I can proudly say that I held strong when the temptations were too forceful. I have held on to my integrity and individuality when the pressure to mix was too high. It was all because I knew that no matter what happened, he would be on my side.

       He has a few mantras which he always follows.

       1. A family that eats together, stays together.
       2. No matter how late you get, always come back home.
       3. Talk to the family.
       4. Be there to listen to your loved ones.
       5. Don't be in a hurry to get anywhere.

      There is a reason why role models are called role models. They actually shape us into what we are. They give us dreams and aspirations and hope. It is everything that my Father contributed in my life and continues to do.
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PeeV ee said...

I tip my hat to your Dad :) He sounds like one awesome person :)

sulagna said...

loved actually hit a chord M..cuz G is tryingt o clear his GMAT and i get irritated seing hm sit with his bokks early morning, on holidays and otherwise also..geee you made em feel guilty

And you know what..daughters always always have the softest corners for their fathers. You will find this funny, but in my wallet, i carry a small chit, which has a list of vegetables he wrote, for me to pick up back from office. Its going to stay there..always. and he has no clue about it :)

Red Handed said...

DADS ARE THE BEST!!! You are so lucky...I am too :D

Keirthana said...

An awesome person in all aspects, your dad seems to be. He has well thought out your upbringing :) Hats off to that great man! :)

maithili said...

Thank you PeeVee :)

maithili said...

I m sure he is going to make you and Keya very proud :)
I agree with, daughters always have the softest corners for their fathers :)

maithili said...

Yes, only mine isn't the IRON MAN :D

maithili said...

Thnk you Keirthana :) I m sure every father thinks of it but only some can do it :)

Anita Jeyan Sandeep said...

Your dad seems to be a man of principles. We are all so lucky to have such legendary dads !

maithili said...

Yes, lucky indeed :)

Wings of Harmony said...

This touched my heart so much, especially about the law officer part, brought tears to my eyes! *Hugs* to you and uncle, both. You are an amazing person, sis and now I know, who is the miracle creator here! :D :D <3

Blessed Be!

Amit Vele said...

Hie Maithili, Shruthi Iyer referred me to your blog. I should definitely say I loved your writing style. It has an emotional edge. Looking forward to more of such posts.Keep writing. God bless.

maithili said...

Thank you so much sIs :)

maithili said...

Hi Amit, welcome to my blog. Thank you for appreciating my writing :)

SINDHU said...

Hi maithili..I just loved it.. touched my heart.. <3 Please keep writing dear..