Sunday, January 23, 2011

The day after..

So the big day is over and so is all the rush.. The birthday celebration is an event the friends look forward to. It is a tradition started back when we were in school. For all these years we girls meet up at each others birthday . It's that time we exchange all the happenings and gossip.. Now that we all are in different fields of study and have different schedules the birthdays have become meticulously planned events which none of us is supposed to skip.
   Back to what happened yesterday.. The girls ( read Gayatri, Kalyani,Shweta and Akshata) met me at 9 at the decided place. Kalyani as usual turned up late. Its a tradition too for her to come late now.
  When we meet, it's a real chaos. You got to have ten ears to hear and process all that is being said. Atleast two mouths are talking at a time. I have to continuously say ,"mute" and the other one to "play". This one is specially true to the clueless one (Shweta). She is the one who is always lost in a conversation and would keep asking ,"kya? kya?"
   Akshata is the one having ant's appetite.. I feed her cake and she would have only soup for dinner.. Gosh! I really envy her appetite.
   Gayatri is the super excited and queen of loud reaction.. Hehehe .. Gai that's why I tell you to eat less salt..
   Kalyani is the cold one(literally with cold hands)  but you know what girl? You are too soft to be a vampire.. I know of someone who will vouch for it. Happy that here there is no "like" button.. That someone would have been the first one to "like" this comment.. I guess you guys got it by now..
    This is the disgusting looking dish Kalyani ordered yesterday. If it weren't for the flash on the snap, the picture made it even more unpalatable. The moment this dish came we gave each other "the look".
     Akshata wasn't hungry. Shweta backed off from even trying this thing. Kalyani, as she had ordered this, took the first bite. Gayatri and I dared to put a fork into this and had a bite too and it wasn't as horrible as it looked. A few bites into it and we even forgot fidgeting about it.
     Gayatri was about to put the thing into her mouth when Kalyani commented,"Chalo keede khaate hai". Gayatri was like" eeeks" and put her fork down and the rest was finished up by me and Kalyani.. Trust Kalyani to say the yuckiest things about the appearance of food...

     The dessert is always fixed.. Belgium chocolate.. yummy.. there goes the food conciousness into the air and I relished my favourite dessert with them..

     The girls gifted me a beautiful kurta and very cute earrings..  Loved my gifts and all of them..

That's my birthday cake and I am still craving it.. Had the tinniest bite ever of my own birthday cake..

The actual surprise was from my dear little kid brother who gifted me a pen( He knows I still prefer writing than typing) and the most touching card ever given to me..

The unexpected thing that happened yesterday was that a long lost friend called me yesterday to wish me. I shared the most loveliest relation with her and when things got bad I was shattered. But as they say "time heals all the wounds" and when she called yesterday I really forgot all the angst I felt when she broke our friendship. I really think this birthday helped me see lot of things in a new light. 
In the end it comes down to who is there by your side... very rightly said and how true..................


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Aditya Iyer said...

nice to see you had a great time like every time. its one of life's greatest gifts to have such ppl in your life

and on the side note I have been using facebook much before than most ppl even knew about it :P :D
and yeah (couldn't resist after seeing your 'comment', I had to say) she is indeed a sweetheart and my precious :)