Saturday, January 22, 2011

random thoughts...

 This post is very different from what I do usually on this space.. Was going to open a new blog for all the personal teeny weeny details on my life.. would be like "life as i see it".. But college is time consuming and the left over time is spent in surfing.. Going to open the new space soon though.. Thinking of co-writing it.. Who would be interested in reading all the stuff I write? would be good to have some flavor in the blog..
       Today completed one year being an adult.. To my own disappointment, nothing has changed much. Let me count the things I can officially do but haven't
1) Get a driver's licence..  Been trying to convince parents to enroll me in a driving school.. atleast would have some proof of being a "major".
2) Vote.. now really who cares?? Its just about choosing the lesser evil.. Well I am not quite exciting about exercising this right but it would just add to my list. lols..
3)Get a passport.. One thing I keep asking Daddy.. Well he doesn't have his own.. The reply he gives is,"who knows if you decide to flee the country. I better not get involved in making this passport. Do it on your own when you go to work." Well this point is quite silly.. Having a passport and nowhere to go.
4) Watch a "A" certificate movie.. Now this is one thing I have planned for so much time but haven't been to even one.. Firstly I was the first one to turn adult in my friend's group and planning to watch a movie is a group activity.. I had to wait till all turn 18.. Now that all have turned 18 , I have become 19!!!!  The last one to turn 18 has already watched "No one killed Jessica" which was the recent "A" film. Kudos to that. Here I am still waiting for my chance.. Will someone please plan one??
5) Donate blood: yaay!! this one I have done.... 
6) Get married.. and legally.. but that's far an option... won't be walking the aisle so soon afterall..

the list here after runs on and on .. let your imagination go on...

Being 19 isn't as much fun as being sweet 16 or growing 18.. ! 19 is an odd figure... 20 is more enigmatic.. more liberating.. waiting to be 20.. by the way this is going to be my last year as a "teenager".. 19 has some significance after all!!!
         Things that made my day today...
1) bro waking me up at 12 and wishing me.. He was the first one to wish me!! Sorry friends you missed it this time..
2)my best friends all smsing me and eventually jamming my network ..
3) way2sms team wishing me at 00.01 am .. Might have made it to top 5 users of this service.. just kidding..
4) Dad gifting me a whole box of chocolates.. Unfortunately  I m trying reduce.. So all my chums are gonna get that chocolate.. cheers guys!!
5)My sweet nephew Shaurya who is just 2 years old managed to finally tell "hellow" to me on phone.. Di was trying to make him say Happy birthday to me... But hey he is no wonder kid who can utter  "czechoslovakia".. He uttered something rhyming to happy birthday and giggled away to glory.. Awww!!! that was priceless.. I adore him..

 let me meet the girls in the evening.. there would be more to talk of then.. They are complete pack of idiots I cannot live without.. 

 For those who remembered this day and wished me :" I love you people"

and for those who didn't:" Don't worry there would be more such birthdays to come.. and yeah I still love you people too" 

 Smile please.... :)

P.S : When I feed you cakes , remind me I am supposed to be reducing weight and don't stuff it into my mouth.. I won't be able to resist!!!


harshil said...

You put your thoughts well into words....the diaries are those worlds in which one can live a whole different keep writing and keep living.

maithili said...

thanks harshil