Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Monster and me (part 3)

            They both came inside. Monster had a perplexed look on his face. Neha began weeping even louder..
              Monster asked," Did you say Neha that she is a slut?" I had never come across that word, I thought it must be synonymous to "mean". However, I made a mental note to look it up in the dictionary.
              " I.. I did not"..
Neha's outbursts were deafening. Monster asked her to calm down and she did that with a lightening speed.
               " She is lying Arav"  If you are wondering who Arav is then it is Monster's name.
  " She hates me and you being together. She uttered words which I wouldn't imagine a fourth grader to know" she further added.
                 Arav was dumbstruck and so was I. I was battling with my thoughts. What should I tell him? Would he believe me?
                  I went back to the time when Arav was good to me. He would pick me up from school. When we were home, he would teach me to play games on his computer and let me scribble. He was my playmate. Everything was perfect till his so called "growing up" problems began and he became so irritating.
                  I decided to stick to my story. "She is the one who is lying" I shouted back.
 Neha was a bit shaken. She had expected a timid me. This rush of confidence struck her. Blood was rushing to my cheeks. I wouldn't stop now..
                  "Neha was with Sumit. She threatened me to not tell anyone she was kissing him.
              Arav curled his fingers. I thought he would box me over. Neha lifted her hand to slap me. I just closed my eyes which were overflowing with tears.  When the hands didn't reach me for long I opened my eyes to see......

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