Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Monster and me (part2)

  Neha was in the arms of Sumit... They were smooching.. I had never seen anything like that except for once on a clip monster was watching on internet.
      Monster had shouted at me for peeking into his room and made me swear I wouldn't tell Mom or Dad what I had seen. I still don't understand why he was so tensed about it.
     Neha looked at me and I was completely at my wit's end. Her top was unbuttoned at the upper end and she quickly adjusted it.. Sumit was clearly frightened. Sumit was, as monster said, "a harmless dumb creature". He spent hours with Monster in our room equipped with a bucketful of chips. He was overweight. He stayed in Monster's shadow.. He hung around with Monster often, just to get noticed.
     Neha said softly, "Spying, are we?" The coldness in her voice made me uncomfortable.  She was intimidating..
     I stammered, "I.. I just came to call you".. She was getting irritated with my response..
She lost her calm and shrieked," Listen, don't act smart with me. You voyeur!! She looked back at Sumit and asked him, "What do you think?".. Now that was a stupid thing to ask because she knew it well Sumit couldn't think...
    Sumit as expected dare not say anything.. I wondered what Sumit would tell Monster.  Neha didn't let the matter pass.. She threatened to tell all kinds of lies and get me trapped instead..  I knew saying anything would be useless.. She not only had Monster in control, she even took advantage of this Fool Sumit's money..
    I went back home.  Monster left shortly for his classes.. I didn't know how long I sat thinking of what happened.. The door bell rang.. I saw Monster standing at the door with Neha crying...

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