Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Monster and me (last part)

           Bhai was holding her hand back. That was the first time in a few years that I was calling him out Bhai to myself.
            "You bitch, don't you dare lay as much as a finger on my sister" he was screaming at Neha.
"Arav, just shut up. You know how your sister is. I mean, isn't that why you treat her like trash? How can you trust her?" She was accusing me.
              Bhai turned pale.. maybe a little ashamed.
"I know very well how she is. I was wrong you would change your way Neha. You have a reputation of two timing don't you? Just get out of my house and out of my life"
               Neha was pink in the face. It was apparantly her first defeat with guys.
I was just too happy with Bhai's response and his trust on me. He was suddenly my perfect Bhai again.
That day we didn't speak to each other. I knew he wouldn't say sorry. It was his way of dealing with relations. He never added anything formal to it.
               Next day as usual I returned from school and was about the ring the bell when Bhai opened it himself. It seemed like he was waiting for me. He looked at me and smiled and that was quiet a reception!!
               I went indoors and spotted something gift wrapped on the dining table. It read
                 I didn't know how he knew I called him monster and I forgot to ask him too. I opened the wrap and found a coloring kit. I jumped with joy. It was good to know that he still remembered what my hobby was. It would have cost him lost more than what he would feel free to splurge and I knew at the end of the month he would fall short of money and ask me to lend some of my pocket money which ofcourse he would never return.
                The gift was his way of saying sorry.
I later asked him, "Bhai what does a slut mean?"
He looked at me with a straight face and said,"It means Neha. Don't you use that word ever again for anyone ok sis? Good girls don't use such words" He pulled my cheeks and walked out..
                Eventually I did look up the dictionary.. :P


sm said...

interesting way to teach meaning of word

maithili said...

:) thank you..