Tuesday, April 12, 2011

A college crush..

   The Girl's story..

    It was the first day of my degree college. Our college is the only one which holds exclusively the course I m studying.. We have a small strength of 240 students. 60 students in each year. By the end of the term everyone knows the other atleast by the face if not the name.
    I had no idea what I was doing in a college like this one. There was not a single face I knew. Everyone in class had pretty much formed a group on the first day itself. I sat with a few groupless ones who had started to bore in 10 minutes of sane conversation. I wished I had taken up courses which my other friends had taken. Atleast I would have had company. Someone suggested we take a round of the college and as reluctant I was to leave my seat( one lazy bum I was), I didn't want to be left alone to my hopelessness. I went around the campus.
   The college doesn't have half the area of my junior college but it is planned cleverly. Its amazing how one can get lost in a college that small. I just asked aloud ," Where is the library?" when I got a reply

"Go up stairs and you would find it on the right side on the second floor"

I looked back to where the voice came from and I saw him.

He was showing me the directions and all I saw was him. :)

He was tall, fair and his face beamed with some unsaid enthusiasm. Politeness was the first thing I liked about him (other than the looks ofcourse) .

I very meekly said," Thanks"

He asked," Which year are you in?"

(well he must have known already.. Second year students don't get lost in a college this small)

I looked around ( foolish I know, but somehow I couldn't hold on to his gaze) and then replied "First year and you?"

"Fourth year.. uhmm.. Final year"
(ghosh!! I know it's a four year course.. did he find me that dumb?)

"What's your name? "  he asked.

"Ivy" I said..

I wonder if he will remember it.. It doesn't look like but it is an Indian name, meaning "creeper".. What a creepy meaning (pun intended)

Without me asking, he introduced himself "I m Romir"

All I said was, "Oh"

God!! Why was I acting so unusually dumb??

He walked back to his class. I kept repeating his name ,"Romir, romir, romir". I couldn't supress my smile.. Miss Ivy.. First day of college and you already have a crush! College is not going to be so much of a torture now..

The next few days of college were boring as ever and I kept thinking of Romir.. I didn't know his last name.. I had searched him on facebook only to turn up with no result.. or rather thousands of result!! I couln't single him out. Whenever in college my eyes kept searching for him.

For a few days there was no sign of him. I attended all days in college. Each day started with the same thought," Will I see him today?"

For the first time, our classes lasted long enough to have a lunch break ( The faculty hardly paid us visit as we were yet to shuffle from one college to another). I had made two friends by then. We went for lunch in the canteen which was just good to sit in. The food was nowhere near the delicacies I was used to in my junior college. ( yeah I still ached for that yummy food)

I was seated in a far corner of the canteen and he was there.. I strained  my eyes to have a better look and to confirm it was really him.. Yes, it was him.. The charmer as he was, he was surrounded by lot of friends.

I went up to the water filter to have a close look at him and he looked at me.. No hint of recognition..HE stared just blankly and then went back to the conversation he was having with his friends. It hurt.. I didn't expect him to start any conversation but the least he could do was give a friendly smile.. Agreed I didn't smile either but I was scared that If he doesn't smile back, it would be a shame in front of his large group.

Days rolled by and I often spotted him with his group in canteen.. I used to secretly stare at him and many times he did look at me but I knew he didn't remember me..

I looked up the list of final year students and found out he is Romir Mukherjee.. I found him out on facebook and sent him a friends request.. Then begun the wait.....

(to be continued)

P.S This is strictly fiction.. People from college please dont get any ideas!!!!


Anoop said...

i jus cant believe its a fiction.. :D n never expected a climax like tat.. heheh i mean..i thot its gnna end in a better way... ;)

nice one.. :)

maithili said...

hey its not ended yet.. u are yet to hear the rest :)

Anoop said...


then u shud mention it...somethin like... 'to be continued or somethin.... dont u feel?? :D

maithili said...

yep.. sorry.. forgot to mention..

Anoop said...

hehee.... :)
dont b sorry.. :) thanks for noticing.. :D

maithili said...

feel free to comment on such mistakes!!

Haddock said...

Like that drawing of the college canteen.

maithili said...