Thursday, April 21, 2011

Lies (2)

    "I had not given my number to him..How did he get it?? How??"

 She woke up with a headache.. She did not intend to leave the bed.. She picked up her cellphone and dialed the coaching classes.. Thankfully they postponed her class today to Monday.. She went off to sleep again..

The chiming of her new door bell woke her again.. She pulled a pillow upto her ears and buried herself. A few minutes later she walked upto the door and peeped.. 

Oh God Amit was on the door.. She quickly went and changed into a T-shirt and a track pant. She then went to answer the door..

"Good morning sleeping beauty.." He was smiling at her..
"Good morning. You want kulfi again?" she asked sarcastically.
"Oh.. no.. not that.. I want tea." he sheepishly grinned.
"What?" She couldn't believe his boldness.. He invited himself for tea!! 
"Yes, aren't  you supposed to serve me tea since I m your new neighbour and you have to make me welcomed."
"Oh I see. What would you like for breakfast Mr. New Neighbour?" 
"Do you know to make parathas? If not then sandwich would be fine by me" he replied quiet seriously.
She cursed herself for even asking him such a question. 
Aloo paratha seemed easier to make.. She went into the kitchen and started cooking. She could here him watching TV. The nerves!! 

He called out from the hall..
"Hey Riya take out your clothes."
She dropped the dish in her hand. She came out into the hall. He was standing near the sofa. Her clothes were lying on the sofa..
"Take out your clothes from here.. I want to sit here." He was smiling to himself and she knew his choice of words were deliberate. She picked up the clothes and put them into the laundry basket. He was making her feel like a maid in her own house.

The breakfast was ready and she served him. He was busy watching TV and didn't even bother to ask her eat too. She was right, he lived for himself in his own world. She was thinking of meeting her friends. That would keep this Amit away. 

He was done eating.
"Riya since you welcomed me with this morning breakfast, I too will be a good neighbor. You have to come for lunch at my place today."

"No Amit, I m going out with friends." she said
"Hey cool, I will join in too then." 

God!!! Was there an end to this??

"Ok .. ok fine I will come for lunch at your place." She didn't want her friends to think that this cartoon was her boyfriend by any chance. He was anyway a harmless, although a bit rude, childish and mannerless guy.
"Hehehe.. good girl." He went back home. 
She finished all her work pending for the weekend. She didn't know what this cartoon was going to order for lunch. It was 1 and she was hungry. On an impulse she went to Amit's flat. The door was open. She entered the house and went to the kitchen. What she saw shocked her and she didn't know what to say. HE was  cooking :) 

He looked cute with an apron and was busy cutting cucumber for salad. He looked up at her and gave a very sweet grin.. She felt her stomach churning and no it was not hunger.. It was what is called "butterflies in the stomach".

"Lunch is ready.. Just wait for 5 minutes. Let me fix the salad."

She didn't care if he served her just salad for lunch. No one other than her mother ever took the effort to cook for her.. She liked him for that...

The lunch was delicious. He had made butterchicken, pulao and salad.. She had to admit she was nowhere close to his culinary skills.
They ate in silence. The same silence which she experienced in the ice-cream parlor. It was strange how he could make her perfectly comfortable at one moment and then suddenly embarrass her. He was a box of charm and a jerk too. 

She thanked him for the lunch and was going when he asked," Riya would you come with me for a movie tonight?" 
She was about to tell him no when he added, "I will take you out for dinner as well, promise!" and gave an innocent lost look to her.. 
It was funny how he thought she would accept if he took her out to dinner as well :) She was amused when she heard herself say "Alright.. at 6..."


Anoop said...

he must b so damn crazy.. omg... :|

Red Handed said...

I like the way your presenting this girl!!! And i like the guy toooo!! Lol