Wednesday, April 13, 2011

A college crush..

please read A college crush ( The girl's story, the boy's story, the wait so long, confessions from the boy) before reading this..

 It's a love story ....

It was 15th Jan.. I was thinking if I should go to the farewell party.. The party could continue till midnight.. There were plans to stay at a friend's home who stayed close to college. It would be my birthday on 16th Jan.. I had always woken up to this day in my own bed.. I didn't want spend it any other way.. Mom had urged me to go for the party only if I would stay at a friend's place or return before midnight.. I was confused. No way was I going to reach before midnight. However, due to consistent requests from my friends I decided to go.. I decided to wear my black evening gown for the party. I replaced those comfortable spectacles for the stylish contacts.. I was going this way to college for the first time.. I always dressed in casual T-shirt and jeans.. This was a huge difference from my regular self..

This was the night everyone was looking forward too.. Maybe even she would come... Ivy didn't seem the partying type of a girl.. What if she decided to let it pass?
I decided to wear black striped shirt and trousers.. Formals.. This would be the first time I would go in college this way.. Would she like it?? It was cold outside.. I made a point to carry my jacket as well.. 1 hour to go...

 The party had begun after the formal meet.. The dj was playing rockin numbers.. My friends were dancing their way to glory..Still no sign of her.. I saw some of her classmates groving to the music with the seniors..Was she not coming?? It was 8 already.. I thought of texting her... But decided to wait...
It was close to 9.. The dancefloor was getting crowded.. I was about to text her when I glanced at the door and I couldn't take my eyes off her.. She was there at last.. Gorgeous.. She bowled me completely.. Her eyes were gleaming with joy.. Joy on seeing me?? I wished it was that.. She looked so pretty without her glasses.. Those lips with a faint pink color broke into the cutest smile ever I had seen.. I knew it then that I was in love with her..

I entered the party full of apprehensions.. I felt lost for a moment.. The sea of people on the dance floor in the changing colors of the light intimidated my eyes which strained to adjust.. Then I saw him... Charming as ever.. He looked even more handsome in formals.. His complexion looked flawless in black.. He was the night and he was the moon...There was no one else in the room for me.. I had my eyes only on him.. That moment I broke my inhibition and smiled at him... The smile he gave me back was different.. There was a warmth in it.. Affection.. Was I imagining it??

Romir: Ivy... I m so glad you came.. You are looking gorgeous.
Me: ( I was blushing I know..) Thank you.. Why aren't you on the dancefloor.
Romir: Ahh.. I was waiting for you. Will you dance with me?
Me: (Oh my god! was he getting nervous? Do I know to dance? Do I know my name? What's this magic he has on me) Yes...

She danced with me. Actually we only moved.. She was constantly trying to look away and I was just looking into her eyes.. I was aware of the glances and talks happening about us , but I didn't care.. She was all that mattered to me in that moment..We parted for sometime when she went to join her friends for dinner and I spent time with my friends. After the dinner, the dj started again. Everyone began to enjoy once more.. I went to her.

Me: Ivy would you come out into the garden for sometime with me..( She was hesistating.. Her friends were staring with curosity)
Ivy: ok.. 

We went out into the garden and sat on a bench.. She sat on the far end from me.. I went near her.. She did not look up.. I took her hand and slipped my fingers into her fingers.. She looked up..

Me: Ivy... I want to tell you something... 
Ivy: What it is..
(She was breathing slow..)
Me: Ivy I love you... 
( She was looking straight into my eyes.. That was the first time she had done that.. Her gaze was piercing my heart.. I wanted to hold her tight.. Never to let her go from my life.)
Ivy:Romir... are you sure?
( I didn't know what she meant.. I was never so sure about loving anyone else than I was now..)
Me: Ofcourse Ivy.. I love you..
( She shed a tear.. I have always been bad at this.. I didn't know what to do when a girl cried. They always cry for reasons best known to them.. Had I said anything to hurt her? I didn't know ..)
Ivy: Romir.. I loved you the moment I saw you... I love you a lot.. I don't ever want to lose you..
(She was looking at me with such affection, I couldn't help but hold her close) 

She was in my arms and I knew this was how I wanted it to be always.. She was my girl...

Ivy: The happiest moment of my life was when he said he loved me. The most complete moment of my life was when he took me in his arms.. I didn't want to be anywhere else.. It was 12..

Romir: Happy birthday Ivy
Me: You knew it??
( I was surprised.. But then this night was full of surprises)
Romir: I saw on my reminder just today evening.. I m sorry I couldn't get you any gift.. 
Me: You are crazy.. This is the best gift I have ever had for any of my birthday.. 
Romir: Then let's go..
Me: Romir I m spending the night at Nisha's house with other friends..
Romir: Ohh.. is there going to be a party??
Me: No.. Do you think they would even be awake to wish me till we reach home?
Romir: Ok then you have to come with me.. Let's go home.. don't you want to wake to your birthday in your own home? and don't you have to visit the orphanage tomorrow?
Me:( I was amazed how he knew what I wanted. I was unsure if I should go with him... ) Ok.. Let's go..

He had brought his dad's car.. That 30 minute drive with him in the silence of the night, was the most romantic drive I could have.. I was resting my head on his shoulder... We just stayed silent.. afraid to spoil the magic of the moment.. He parked his car in his building and walked with me to my building.. It was cold outside... He gently put his jacket over me.. It was heavy with his fragrance..

We walked on that lonely road.. When we reached my building gate, he kissed my forehead and wished me Goodnight.. I was about to give him his jacket
when he said," Keep it with you. You will have to meet me to return it back tomorrow"
I smiled knowing that this was going to last long..
"Now go home and sleep well.. We have to visit the orphanage tomorrow right?"
He was going to be with me at the orphanage.. He was too sweet...
"Yes" I said..

I went home and didn't sleep till late.. We kept exchanging text

"Are you asleep?"
"Not yet baby.. this was the happiest day of my life"

We slept in the early hours of morning and I woke to my birthday in my own bed as always and to a lovely life ahead..

He already had sent me a text..

"Good morning honey.. Happy birthday once again.. Get ready and let's meet at 10 ok?
I texted back

"Good morning dear.. Thank you.. yes will b ready.."

I smiled.. Yes it had started.. It's a love story....

P.S Thanks Freelancer for helping with the guy's clothes :) 


Anoop said...

i cant believe its a fiction.. :D

nice story anyway... :D

maithili said...

you have to accept its a fiction.. visit my other blog .. you would know m nowhere close to Ivy..

shweta said...

Hey dat was realy a complet pack of "THE LOVE STORY"fabulous.....
vil b w8tin 4 ur new writ soon...!!!

maithili said...

@shweta : glad that you could finally comment :) yeyayaya!!! Thanks a lot dear.. Yes will write new ones soon.. :)

Anoop said...

y cant it b like this - wat u write on the other blog is a fiction. ;) hehehe

hey thanks a lot for likin my blog.. :) n i like ur blog too..i mean u write amazing stories..though i cant believe its a fiction :D

maithili said...

welcome anoop.. :) well it could be a possibility except that I couldn't be having so many love stories :)

Nupur said...

:') :') :') its awesomeeeee... luvd it!! keep it up!!!

Ash D said...


maithili said...

@nupur : thank u :)
@Ash D: thanks :) :)

Linhy said...

Like what you got going on here with your blog!
food looks amazing!!when you get a chance come and stop by my blog sometimes and if you like what you see become of my follower!

maithili said...

@linhy: thank u.. sure dear will drop in soon.. :) welcome to my blog..

chirag said...

nice story full of emotions and love

maithili said...

@chirag: thank u

ashwin ramachandran said...

I noticed that you had begun following my blog. And by sheer chance, i came over to realize that "College crush" is very very similar to the "My girl" post that i am writing.

maithili said...

@Ashwin : I m reading that series but I had no idea it is running on the same track... Hehe good that I didnt write this after you !! It would have looked copied work!! By the way I like the "My girl" thing going on..

The Enigma said...

The story is awesome.. just luvd it.. <3

Animesh Ganguly said...

Aww, how sweet this story is :)

maithili said...

@Animesh : Thank you :)