Wednesday, April 13, 2011

A college crush..

Please read A college crush( Girl's story, boy's story and the wait so long) before reading this...

  Confession from the boy..

I checked my phone for the n th time that day.. No text from her.. It was unusual.. She flooded me with texts the moment I woke up.. Maybe she wasn't well.. I didn't see her at the bus stop for a few days now..
   Initially I found her irritating.. She kept asking questions.. Kept texting all the time.. She was stalking me online..
   I spoke to my friend Misha who was like my sis from school days. She thought I should meet Ivy and see who she was.. When I met Ivy I realised I had seen her God knows how many times in college. She wasn't very stricking in looks department.. But that day I saw a different side to her.. She blushed.. She looked lost and scared. I had expected her to start blabbering but she was quiet.. She had an aura about her.. Something untouched.. Pure.. Innocent.. Those deep, quiet understanding eyes.. She was vulnerable..

  Misha had remarked," Boy she is head over heels in love with you, did you see how red her face was?"

I trusted Misha's verdict. She was good in judging such things.

 I didn't want to hurt Ivy.. I didn't feel anything special for her. But I wanted to protect her from hurt.. I had been in casual relations before but those were different kind of girls altogether.. Ivy was different.. I saw how uncomfortable she was and I couldn't help thinking how difficult it would have been for someone like that to openly start a conversation. Maybe that was why she resorted to the internet.. Her feelings like her were honest and vulnerable.. I didn't want to play with them..

It had been a week since I hadn't seen her.. It was Mom's birthday and as always we dropped by the orphanage to gift the children there.. Mom always believed in charity as way to reach God..

Ivy was sitting on the floor with a kid in her lap.. She was playing with the toddler.. This image touched my heart.. It was something I will always remember Ivy as. She was so gentle with the kids.. So loving.. I almost ached for the same love...Wait.. Why was I getting such thoughts for her??

When she smiled at the toddler who came crawling to her and lifted him in her arms, all I thought was... Beautiful....

I had called girls beautiful for their looks.. It was superficial and I had used such praises for my past girlfriends.. I had called girls hot.. sexy.. Everything for their looks...

This was the one time I truly meant.. Ivy was ordinary looking.. oval faced with almond shaped eyes which were enchanting when she was not wearing her spectacles.. She was short and nowhere near the perfect figure.. Yet I found her beautiful because her soul was beautiful... That was the day I saw her in a different light..

After that day at the orphanage I didn't see her for a long time.. Where was she?? I texted her on Christmas and New Year but the message remained undelivered.. Her facebook status said, " This is going to be my best new year celebration" updated on 23th Dec 2010... So she was away on a holiday...

January 15th was going to be the farewell party... The inevitable moment had arrived.. There was joy of finally getting over with the course and the looming sadness of separation.. Separation from dear friends.. Separation from the college which had become so much like home.. Separation of all the joys experienced here.. Separation from Ivy.......... I was missing her... There were plans to go abroad if I get through the entrance... She was what I was missing the most now...

Was I falling in love with Ivy?

(to be continued)


Anoop said...

to b continued?????????? :D

maithili said...

oh yes!! done it again.. :)