Tuesday, April 12, 2011

A college crush..

The boy's story..

The 7th semester was approaching and there was a building pressure of a vast syllabus to complete, journals to be written, a future to think of...

The first year batch had just entered our college.. I envied their carefree days... They didn't have a decision to make as yet.. I came into this field because I didn't get into a medical college and I didn't intend to spend my precious year to attempt it again.. Sometimes I wished I had been more patient..Maybe I would have got to live my dream.. The years in college passed in jiffy.. I now valued the comfort and security of those years.. I felt lost in a vast sea of career choices.. My friends had been an integral part of my life here.. The best ones I made here.. Now we were all heading different directions.. I often wondered what life would be like after the last semester and as the answer was getting clearer, I dreaded it..
   I was sitting with my friends in the canteen, aware of the stares and silent whispers from the first years.. They were mostly loud and immature.. Always shouting over the top.. My classmates were checking out the new girls.. Their last attempt at experiencing a college romance... There was none I was interested in.. They all seemed the same to me.. I was not looking forward to any link ups.. I had had enough of all those things in my college life so far and it was always a waste of time.. The last year I intended to live the most of my carefree time..

    It was a Saturday night and I had been partying till midnight.. I went back home and logged on the internet. I opened my facebook accounts..I rarely opened it and when I did I was flooded with notifications, status updates, tags, friends request ( I usually accepted them without even checking who I accepted) and began checking the thing..( I first made myself invisible to avoid all those who jumped on  my chatlist to chat)
   There was a message in my inbox.. Ivy... The name did ring a bell.. I didn't recollect where.. I opened her message.. It read

"Hi.. m Ivy.. met u in colg if u remember.. wud like 2 b ur friend.. if u wish to .." 

I accepted her request.. I sent her a reply..

"Hi Ivy.. ofcourse would like to be ur friend.. I don't recollect where I have met you. Sorry for that.. I am a little bad at remembering faces" 

Immediately I got another message from her.. God!! She was awake at one in the night..

"It's ok if u dnt remember.. I can't c u online.. "

So I went online .. She was there.. Her profile picture was only her sideface.. I couldn't remember still...

we started chatting..

Ivy: Hi
Me: Hi
Ivy:So u come online at this time always?
Me: No, was out today.. came home now so... 
Ivy:ohh ok.. Where do you stay?
Me: Borivali n u?
Ivy: Hey me too!! Where in Borivali?
Me: Gorai
Ivy: R u kidding?? I stay there too.. Don't tell me you stay in sector 1!!
Me: I do.. u also in sec 1??
Ivy: Yes..!! Where in sector 1?
Me: Platinum tower.. U?
Ivy: hehehehe "Sun n shine" your neighbouring building... coincidence no?
Me: Yes, coincidence.. ( I was thinking if she would ask to go together to college.. I don't know I had a feeling that she was trying to flirt.) 
Ivy: Can u give me your cell number?
ME:(So I might be right here.. I thought about it and then felt what's the harm?) Yeah sure.. 9820####**..
She gave me a missed call.. I saved it .. Just in case...
I was getting sleepy..
Me: Okay I got to go.. See u in college..
Ivy: Yeah ok.. Good night..

I logged off..  I got a text .. It was Ivy.. She had messaged
"Hey what is the meaning of your name Romir?"

My name meant "interesting".. I was too tired to reply.. I wasn't even sure if I should tell it to her.. Before I could decide, I dozed off...

My last thought was..  Ivy.. what a strange name...

( to be continued)


Anoop said...

guy's story is more interestin than tat of gal's.. :D heheh but she s bold i must say.. mmm... for the mob number thing..

n hey cant wait to read the rest of the story... :) write soon... its interestin.. really :D

maithili said...

Thanks anoop for the encouragement.. will post the rest of the story soon..

Animesh Ganguly said...

Interesting build up for the next to come :)