Thursday, April 21, 2011

Lies 4

          Riya woke up early the next day.. She prepared breakfast for both of them.. She sat in the balcony reading newspaper.. She was waiting for him..
          It was 9... She went out to call him but his door was locked. She wondered where he had gone so early in the morning. She could not define what she was feeling .. Maybe she was feeling insecure by his absence..
          He came around 11.. She looked at him questioningly..
"Sorry I had some work" he said and she left it at that..

They had breakfast and then planned to go out.. He took her to Essel world.. The thrills of joyrides are best experienced with someone to hold on to.. She was never the one for such ideas. He urged her to try it out. She could not stop shrieking.. He held her tightly all through.. She liked the ride after all..

They hung out all evening and returned back late.. She was sure she was in love.. He was charming to be around..

"Hey care to make a coffee?" he asked..

"Yeah sure.." she smiled..

He sat on the sofa watching TV.. She could not stop thinking how only yesterday his same act had irritated her and today she adored him... She was really something...

She was pouring the coffee into the mug when she felt his arms around her waist and his lips caressing her neck... His hands moved all over her and she was caught in the frenzy... They forgot all about coffee.. The physical tension stifled within the confines of their reservations leaped out.. He pulled her into her bedroom and they made love... She had given herself to the first man she loved so much and who loved her in return...

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