Wednesday, April 13, 2011

A college crush..

  To understand this post please read college crush (Girl's story and boy's story) first..

The wait so long...

It had been 3 months since I first chatted to him.. When he said "see you in college", I thought he would make an effort to meet me. But nothing like that happened.. We were still strangers.. I kept waiting for lunch time to start, then him to come to canteen, always hoping he would notice me.. It was disheartening to know that I was just a nameless face in the small crowd for him.
   I kept texting him.. Sending offliners.. Waiting long hours for him to come online.. Practically all day I was online.. I was losing sleep and interest in other things..
   By the end of the first month, I knew his timetable by heart.. When my classes left early, I waited till his class ended so that I could see him for sometime.. I was always longing to see him..
   We exchanged some texts.. However long my questions, he always managed to answer in one word..
One day out of the blue, he texted me

Hey Ivy, I want to see who you are.. Would you mind coming to your terrace? 

I was surprised by this sudden request.. I didn't know if he was on his terrace or mine.. Even if he was on his terrace, we could still talk. It was that close..

I texted him back

Yes, sure..

I quickly put on a little makeup on my face and hurried on the terrace. HE was on my terrace.. with a girl..

I couldn't make out what he was thinking.. His eyes didn't give out anything.. He smiled and said," Hi ivy"

I was tongue tied for sometime.. I was busy looking at the other girl.. Oh, she stayed in my building..

"Hi... hi Romir" Saying out his name itself was thrilling.

"This is Misha.. my school friend.. she stays in your building only.." He added.

I gave a faint smile to Misha.

"Hey you just moved into the second floor right?" she asked me.

"Yeah.. just six months back" I replied. She was very sweet.. I wondered if she was just his friend or more than that... The very thought was depressing..

"We have been living here for as long as I can remember.. How are you finding this place?" He asked. "We" referred to him and his family or "we" as in "Misha and him"... My mind was working on some other dimension and I knew I was looking disoriented to him.. What stupid impressions I was making in front of him but I couldn't help it. I just couldn't think rationally when he was there.. He was mesmerizing me..

"Uhh.. It's good.. Calm and pleasant area to live." I said.

"Bye I have to leave. Some work at home" I quickly added..

"Ok.. ok.. Nice meeting you". He gave me a handshake.. He made me nervous... I ran back home and kept smiling.. Here I was waiting for him to meet me all these days and when he finally did, I couldn't stand there for more than 2 minutes.. Hopelessly attracted to him I was.. My legs were shaking...

  The days that followed were of restlessness.. I would wait at the bus stop earlier than required.. I missed all the buses until he came and took the bus which he took.. He always gave me a cute smile and that was it.. An occasional "hi" and sometimes "bye" that was all he said. It wasn't getting any further.. My self confidence began to slump.. I waited at my window to sometimes see him going home.. He was occupying all my attention and draining my energy..

  It was three months still we were not even close to being "good friends". He didn't like me and it was getting apparent. He was sweet and that was probably why he was acting good to me..

 I decided that I would give up on him.. It hurt but I didn't want to be perceived as a desperate one.. Yes I wanted him badly but I had to behave with dignity..

I engaged myself writing blogs, spent time at a nearby orphanage, read books, caught up with old friends, started learning to cook.. The kids at orphanage gave me a lot of joy.. I loved playing with them..

Slowly the hours on net became less.. I began to get good sleep.. I stopped waiting for him at the bus stop.. Hardly ever came on the window.. My days were now productive.. I even started liking my study course..

I saw him often in the canteen.. I never went near him.. Sometimes he saw me and smiled and I too smiled back..

The year 2010 was about to end..I got invited by my relatives to spend the last week of the year at their beach house in Udupi.. I was excited to be there.. That was my best Christmas and New Year party on the beach.. I made friends there.. I was happy..  I was living my life again... With a new sense of self confidence..

I returned back in the first week of January.. The college was busy preparing for the farewell of the final years.. Yes, they would be leaving soon.. So would Romir... I realised I still felt a lot for him.. I had read somewhere..

"If it lasts more than four months, then it isn't called a crush.... It's love.. :)"

Was I truly in love with Romir?

(to be continued)


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