Thursday, April 21, 2011

Lies 3

 "Alright.. at 6.."

They walked together out of the building thereby giving a topic of gossip to the aunties walking briskly in salwar kameez with canvas shoes.. She wondered how many streaks this guy had. He was like an onion. One layer over the other.. When would she get to the core?

 He behaved with old fashioned chivalry.. Pulling doors for her and letting her walk ahead through them..

Once inside the movie theatre, he was a kid again.. Talking and commenting on everything.. As the movie progressed, she could feel his eyes on her.. She didn't want to look into his eyes.. Slowly he rested his arms on her shoulders and she did not shrug it off... She tried to concentrate on the movie but his presence so close was intoxicating... She rested her head on his shoulder and she knew she was being stupid.. He didn't move.. He was calm.. They looked like lovers who had been together for a long time.. They shared such comfort in such moments... She wanted him to be like this forever...

They had dinner and he chattered like his usual self.. How could he behave as if nothing happened, she thought. The intimacy she shared with him made her uncomfortable..

When they reached back home it was well past 11.. She was turning to go her way when he pulled her closer..She couldn't move..

"Riya, I love you" he whispered into her ears..

She had goosebumps.. Why was he making her feel this way... It had to be love..

"I love you too Amit" she spoke with difficulty.. He came closer and she shut her eyes anticipating what was coming next... She felt his grip tightening on  her waist... And then.. He left her loose... She opened her eyes.. HE was standing a feet away from her.. He said goodnight and went back home.

She went home and changed.. She was in love.. His variations kept her intrigued...

Her message tone rang.. She saw the text.. "See u tomrw for breakfast dear. gudnight" It was Amit..

Again she thought.. "How did he get my number?"


Anoop said...

y the title - lies??? :|

is he makin fun of her??

maithili said...

you would get the answer soon

Red Handed said...

Damn damn damn damn damn...i sense something real bad gonna happen..hope m wrng