Monday, August 22, 2011

Celebrations, A girly idea, a sweet dedication and a little secret...

         I m all geared up to write a longggg post which I have been planning for sometimes now.. So sit back readers and let me fill you with all that is on my mind :P 

Today I complete one whole year into blogging.. Although I created this blog on August along with another blog which has stopped functioning, I starting posting on this blog from November.. So still officially this is the birthday  month of my blog..
Another thing to celebrate is that, this is my 100th post!! 
Happy birthday my dear blog!!!!

okay, so I have made my wish.. You can all now start eating :D :D 

A girly idea:

I have had this idea for a long time now.. Time to share it with all my girl bloggers and followers..
I have this plan to open an "All girls blog"..
This would be the space where all of us would get to write and express on topics which affect, delight, surprise us and also our experiences..
This blog is open for all girls.. If you are a tomboy, a sweet 16, a matured mommy, a naughty spoilt girl or the "too girly" girl.. all are welcome.. The more the shades, the better.. 
We would be having contests, interviews, discussions and what is an all girls blog without gossiping right girls?
You can also share your recipes once a week (this is only voluntary as I know most of you are worst cooks) and enlighten our "dont-know-crap-about-cooking" sisters :D
Fashion, boys, men, love, deceit, fantasy and all other naughty things welcome.. ( I can feel a few of you already raising an eyebrow and giving a smile) 

The blog will be created on 1st September. I have a few names for it
"Pink Heaven" "Darlings of Venus" "Women of Shades" are top on my list.. I need more suggestions.. The name of the blog will be decided by all of the members.. The one that is liked most is selected..

I request MSMRedhanded,ChandanaSuruchi,ViyaPriyanka,Mehak, Vinati to please mail me their email-ids at to join in the blog if they find it interesting..
 Anyone not mentioned above is most welcome to send me a message if they are interested.. I will be happy to welcome you aboard.. :)
If there is any hesitation by anyone to come out bold in this blog then you can always join in with an assumed name.. ITs thoughts that matter here..
Hoping that we can make a fun blog..

A sweet dedication..
What is a 100th post if it is not love on my blog! So here you go with a sweet Lover's Talk which I wrote for the Writers Lounge sometime back.. I was saving it for the 100th post ;)

.. silence..."Helllo"
"So rahe the kya baby?"
"Nahi!" (grumpily)..
"Fir kaha ho?" (quiet innocently)
"Neend se uthati ho fir puchti ho so raha hu kya?" .. raises  his voice..
"Sorry to disturb" meekly..
Girl hangs up...

2nd call...

"Ha baba, bolo kya hua"
"Nahi jaane do.. tum so jao"
"Ho gaya na shona.. ab bolo tum kaha ho?"
"Kaha jaa rahi ho?"
"Fir bhul gaye na? Exam hai mera aaj..
Ek toh tumne mujhe sube sube daata aur ab mujhe wish bhi nahi kar rahe ho"
"All the best jaanu"
"Thank you"
"Shaamko milogi?"
"Pehle tum sorry bolo.. "
"Accha baba galati ho gayi..sorry.."
"It's ok"
"Tum bhi sorry bolo ab"
"kyun kyun?"
"Phone ek baar nahi uthaya toh samajhna chahiye tha na.. der se aya tha kal.. so raha tha.. isliye chid gaya"
"Acha thik hai.. Sorry"
"Ye accha hai!! "
"Aye mera chotta wala sorry hai ha lekin"
"Hehe.. chalega.. kamse kam galati toh maani.. Bolo shaamko aogina?"
"Ha aungi.."
"love you jaan.."
"love you too jaanu."

1 min later..
"Phone rakho na"
"Tum rakho pehle"
"Nahi tum"
"Accha thik hai.. Har baar ki tarah me hi haar maanta hu.."
"Nahi suno.. saath me rakhte hai.."
"Ha chalo bye"


JaLpArI - tHe MeRmAiD said...

congratulations on your anniversary dear :) :)

and Yupp it's a gr8 idea . . . The girl blog thingie . . Lookin forward to it :)

and the little piece of love that you shared with us was reeeeally sweet ;)

SUB said...

congrats for completing a year :)

TheGirlAtFirstAvenue said...

First Congrats on the one year mark! :)
Second, I am totally in for an all-girl blog!!! Will think of names and mail you! This is so exciting :D

Somehow i guessed that it wasn't fiction :P
You have a secret blog and you are telling us now??? Following you there right away!

Red Handed said...

Hey hey hey congratulations girl!!
My email id is thr on my about me! And yes i wud love to do a bit f writing.hehe! And yes i wud love to do a bit f writing.heh

Jyoti Mishra said...

congratulations ...
for completing a year and century of posts !!!

Priyanka said...

First of all, I WILL KILL FOR FOR NOT HAVING TOLD US ABOUT THE OTHER BLOG!!!!! It's the cutest thing EVER re:) Why hide...

And second, very many many happy thoughts on your milestone, us bloggers know how important they are:)

And thirdly, I'm all for the girl blog and I'm honored that you thought of me, most definitely up for it, just let me know what to do and when. My ID is on it's way.

And finally, (@convo) brought a smile to my face thinking how we all have very similar love stories but at the same time all those stories are uniquely apart from each other.

Blasphemous Aesthete said...

First of all, congratulations on the double celebrations.
But I did not receive my share of feast, what do I eat? :P

Secondly, best of luck with the Girls Blog.

And thirdly, the story. Reality is sweet. :)

Blasphemous Aesthete

chirag said...

congratulations ..happy to have you in blogging world
and atlast you disclosed that you also write at another blog ....

maithili said...

@Jalpari: thank you so much dear..
You are most welcome to join the girl blog.. will send you a request soon..

@SUB: thank you so much :)

@Chandana: Thank you for the wishes..
And you have to join the girl blog! Who else would bring fashion into it? I had you in my mind when I thought of this :) Please mail me soon ;)
And the secret blog was kept secret to maintain the anonymous feel ;)

maithili said...

@Redhanded : Thanks babes ;)
I will be too happy to have you on the girl blog :)

@Jyoti: thank you so much :) IF it weren't for all those encouraging comments I would have left blogging long back :)

@Priyanka :Yayyy!!! I m so happy you liked this blog idea..Please mail me soon :) Excited so much to start with you all!!
and yes I totally agree about the similarity ;)
Dont know abt the rest but I know a few of our female bloggers who are so much alike and have so many things in common! Thats wat inspired a girl blog!!

@Blasphemous Aesthete : Thank you :) and I see that you haven't been able to feast on my cake :P
Yess reality is sweet..
and wait
about the girl blog.. I would love if you could do a guest post now and then there :) I will tell you all about what I thought on this line once we have the blog created :)

@Chirag: yes I m finally ready to reveal myself to my dear readers :) and thank you for the wishes

suruchi said...

congratulations...and yiy yiy yiy for completing a year and double yiyyyys for the fantabulous idea...sounds very interesting although with my constraints I can barely manage to update stuff on my blog...but would love to be a part of it...

just seeing my name there made me smile with excitement:-)

my email
all the best and here's wishing u loads of success in all you do

here's wishing you more awesome conversations too that are NOT FICTION;-)

Viya ;) said...

Heyyy!! :D :D conngradualtionnsss!!! :D :D
Annnd i looovvee the idea of an all girls blog :D :D I would love to write for it.. Will mail you the soon :D :D .. And i'm so sorry for the delay in replying.. Just got my laptop last nite.. :) :)

Atrocious Scribblings said...

a)100 posts and a year into your blog, Take a Bow !!!

b) Congrats on your all-girl blog initiative, hoping it becomes a runaway success.

c)Cheers to your love blog. Although I`m nowhere close to a relationship, your expression has a good vibe and warmth about it.

Vinati said...

Wow!! That is awesome.
Congratulations, Maithili!! :)

And for that girl-blog thing, I'm surprised and really happy that you thought of me too, among such amazing writers. *smiles*
Yes, I am definitely up for it. =)

And and and your 'secret blog' is so lovey-dovey and super-duper sweet! A very pleasing blog :)

maithili said...

@Suruchi :Yayyyyy I have you on my team!! You are one of the writers I had in view when I thought of this blog! Without you there will be no spice..So no matter how less you post, I certainly want you with us..

Thank you for the wishes :)

Thank you so much for the wishes and I love the excitement you are showing :) Wow this is going to be one great team! Mail me asap..No worries I know about your laptop problems :)

@Atrocious Scribblings :
Thank you soo much!!! and yes we need support for the girl blog ;) else who will read ?? ;)

Thanks so much for the enthusiasm and yes I m soo happy that you will be a part of the team now.. And did I tell you I absolutely love the way you write.. Its different and that is what we want!

Smita said...

First of all, congratulations on the completion of one year of blogging :) You are a year old now :p

Secondly : What about the name, Girls for Girls for the girls blog? I am so much looking forward for being a spiritual follower there :)

and last but surely not the least,
CONGRATULATIONS :) for winning in monsoon madness.
yours was really a shivering peice of wonderful story :)


Smita said...

Also, the conversation was cho chweet :p <3

just loved the part when he says,shaam ko aagina !!
I love such honest and chweet lovers.

m still waiting to hear those words in my life :(

god bless :)

maithili said...

@Smita: Thank you so much :) I would like you to be a writer too on this blog :) no time whenever you can.. I pray that you get a sweet conversation like that in your life very soon :)

@MSM: Thanks dear.. you are never too late and yes I absolutely love you too..

Animesh Ganguly said...
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maithili said...

@Animesh: Thanks a lot :) yes reality indeed is very sweet ;)