Friday, August 26, 2011

A little bit of lying..

             This is the story I wrote for "Monsoon Madness" at "The Writer's Lounge" and I won :)

“Appa, I m sorry.. I will do as you say..”
Muthu patted his daughter’s head.  Auraya was his only daughter and his pride.
It had pained his heart to keep her confined to her room all week but if that was the way his daughter  would forget that Muslim boy and get married to a boy from their own caste, he was ready to inflict this suffering on her. 
He would have to call Tarun’s family and set a date soon.
If a little bit of lying could change situations he saw no harm in doing it for his daughter’s well being.

As soon as she was handed her cellphone she called Tarun. Even though she had agreed to abide by her father’s wishes, her father had not let her use the phone in his absence. 
She called Tarun in front of her father and asked if they could meet to discuss the shopping. Muthu was pleased that Auraya was making an effort to participate in the preparations of her marriage.
She met Tarun at the city Plaza.  Tarun was radiating with happiness befitting a groom. Auraya felt guilty of bursting the bubble of his joy but she had to do it.. for her love.
“Tarun I cannot marry you.” She said without looking into his eyes.
“Auraya! Are you kidding? Why did you agree then?” he asked her disbelievingly.
“Tarun appa will never let me get out of the house if I don’t agree. Tarun I love Armaan. Appa doesn’t approve of him because he is a Muslim, but once I get married to him Appa will know that he is a very loving guy. Appa will accept us sooner or later. Help me Tarun. Please don’t spoil our lives.”
“Spoil your life! What do you want me to do Auraya?” he was flaring.
“Act like we are happy with his match. Let me get in contact with Armaan.  Within a month I and Armaan will marry and then you can tell the truth.”
He sat there watching her in amazement  and felt his dreams collapsing.
She was cheating her father.. She was cheating Tarun.. But if a little bit of lying could unite her with her love  she would do it..

“yes uncle, Amma has consulted the family astrologer. 5th of next month is an auspicious day. I know its early but we will have a simple wedding. If it is okay with you.. else..”
“No.. no its alright.” Muthu was a little stunned by the speed of events. He wanted to have a grand celebration for his daughter’s marriage but he agreed. Buying more time could mean possibility of a change of heart. Auraya was young and being a father of a young girl in love , Muthu was skeptical.
Tarun knew he was doing wrong. He had lied to Amma that Auraya’s father was ill and that was why the wedding has to be next month.
He had no intention of keeping Auraya’s confidence.  She was a romantic but she was not practical. She was looking at the world with rosy glasses. She would never be happy with Armaan. She was a Tamilian Brahmin. What would she do with a beef eater. Heck! Who was he fooling with all this talks of caste and wellbeing. The truth was that Tarun loved Auraya. From the day he had set eyes on her. His love was not the love that sacrifices for some stupid romantic ideas of his lady. IF a little bit of lying could make her his wife, he would do it.

“You are lying Nausheen.. Auraya can never do  this to me.” Armaan shouted at his childhood friend and neighbor Nausheen.
“I might be lying.. but what about this snaps Armaan? Auraya has willingly cut off contact with you because she is going to marry Tarun.”
Nausheen was Auraya’s classmate and Armaan had tried to send his messages to Auraya through her. Little did he know that his messages remained undelivered, destroyed by the acid venom of Nausheen’s  jealousy.
Armaan once again looked at the blurred picture clicked in Nausheen’s  phone. Auraya was holding Tarun’s hand in what looked like a romantic gesture. What did he know that Auraya had held his hand in sympathy and pleading?
Nausheen  knew Auraya loved Armaan but so did she. If a little bit of lying could make Armaan hers forever, she would do it.

“How could you do this to me , you bitch!” Armaan was in a wild rage.
“Armaan I did it for you.” She tried convincing him
He nodded in disbelief, his eyes reddened with pain,deceit and mad fury.
She had the look of a lamb about to be sacrificed when he shot her at point blank range.

Lies can kill.. Auraya became the victim of a web of lies woven by her and trapped in those of the others..

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Red Handed said...

Ah these misunderstanding and the deceitful lies from the jealous souls!

Loved it so much! You eserve to win

TheGirlAtFirstAvenue said...

Superb plot! All twists and turns!
Loved it! Congrats on winning... very well deserved :)

Mystical Skeptical Me said...

A Hearty Congrats to you Sis! :D :D I had liked the way you transitioned from Father, Daughter, the Love and the Lies...I wasn't surprised when I saw your name as a writer. You deserved to Win!!!*Hugs* I am SO happy!! :D :D

suruchi said...

congratulations on the win...and what a sad bad ending...
sometimes love just ain't enough!

and all the best again for the new blog...let the fun begin:-)

Rachit said...

a mis-fortunate love affair.. as you sow so you reap :(

Weakest LINK

Rachit said...

a mis-fortunate love affair.. as you sow so you reap :(

Weakest LINK

The Solitary Writer said...

this deserved to win..congratulations on your victory Maithli :) :)

Viya ;) said...

a beaauuulltiiiful one Maithili! :)
Very well written! :)

Priyanka said...

Awesome story. I almost got up and applauded:)

maithili said...

@Redhanded: Thank you so much :)
@Chandana: Thanks a lot :)
@MSM: *hugs* :);) Thanks a lot.. I wasn't so sure of my win though :)
@Suruchi: Yes sometimes love ain't enough.. The fun is about to begin..
@Rachit: very well said..
@Solitary Writer: Oh thanks a lot :)
@Viya: thank you so much dear :)
@Priyanka: Wow that is a great compliment :) Thank you dear

Blasphemous Aesthete said...

You won :D COngratulations.

Now, a little lying here, could have made the two lovers meet. But a little lying there, it ruined all the gallant efforts.
Nice story :)

Blasphemous Aesthete