Thursday, May 24, 2012

From the beautiful bloggers :D :D :D

                    I have been given some wonderful awards by fellow bloggers The Little PrincessChirag and Smita. I have been terribly late in acknowledging the awards and I m really sorry *kaan pakadke*. Between being caught up in college and multitasking, this little space of mine gets ignored often. I m truly blessed to have readers who still do read my post even when I take ages to complete it sometimes and to top it they even give me awards :D
                    I love to get such pleasant surprises. In my initial days of blogging it was a big deal to get an award (  I never got any :P ). But with time, the followers and comments become a part of life and you know people still read your blog even if they don't comment much. I have been guilty of reading every post that's been up in the last so many months but not commenting on any and I m sure I have many such readers too. Thank you all my readers for reading my blog.
                   Little Princess, Chirag and Smita I m displaying all three awards together as all of them require me to write 7 random things. Thanks to you three, I now have an opportunity to give awards to some bloggers and spread the happiness around :D

These awards will be displayed on my blog page :D
                Time for the 7 random things:
           1. I love doing Sudoku
           2. I get restless if my net connection has some problem. I need it to be working ! Even if I don't need it that urgent :P
           3. I don't like people talking in negative, "You don't want it right??" Even if I want ,I will say " no" :P

           4. I have lots of talents thoda thoda :P I love all types of creative stuff, be it mehendi designing, be it sketching, be it craft, cooking, decorating. But like I said "thoda thoda". I can't keep doing it continuously but when I do, I do it massst!!

          5. I fight this compulsive urge to correct spelling mistakes :P
          6. I m a biggg fooodie :P Now that's not much random going by my size. I love my fish fry and chicken! Vegetarians can make all the faces in the world :P
          7. I can double as my own beautician ! other than shaping the eyebrows I can pretty well do everything :D
            And now I have the honour of passing these wonderful awards to my fellow bloggers.
                        This one is from chirag! What do I say I m flattered :D
I would like to pass this award to the following bloggers:
PeeVee: One of my favorite blogs Confessions of the Chocolate obsessed. She is excellent at stories, cute with random and mindblowing with her abstract posts :D And we share a common love for food :D :D

Dr Roshan: He is witty, he is humorous and he is a Doctor :D His posts have set my thoughts in motion, sometimes made me laugh and sometimes made me crave for food :D I m linking one of my favorite posts by him -What dreams may come. Ah did I mention? He has been published too!

RedHanded: Humor, hardhitting facts, stories that run deep and a poetry that is narrative in itself. She defines the word "versatile".
                                          Little Princess thank you for writing such kind words for my work :D
I would pass this award to:
Anita : Her blog Mirroring my Thoughts brings a smile on my face. The simplicity of her posts makes it so special.

Suruchi: Do I need to even introduce her? You are not a blogger if you haven't read her My tumbling thoughts to the world. She's insanely humorous and has the knack to deliver *her message ofcourse* without creating a drama. But when she gets to nautanki, you can't beat her at it:D :D Being an English teacher does have its perks! Her language flows effortlessly and without even realising you are into the flow! Don't believe me? Read Friend zoned lover and Dear Girl nursing a broken heart and see for yourself!

                     Smita I m sooo happy to receive this from you !! <3 <3 <3
And award I pass to
Nirvana : She is a clever story teller and someone whose blog is replete with diverse works. You can spend your day reading her work!!

Sujatha: She is one writer who can write about anything under the sun and make it interesting. Her posts are very honest and raw. There have been so many things which she can fearlessly talk aloud which a lot of us tend to brush under the carpet. :D

Congrats to all the winners!

P.S: I suddenly realised I m not following much male bloggers :P And of the few I follow, most of them have the award already or have been inactive!
P.P.S : I didn't realise I wrote so much :P


Red Handed said... that is just so fairy sweet of u! Lots of love and kisses! Forced ones!

Dr Roshan said...

Thanks a lot.. hey cool.. I follow most of these people already :) Yeaah !

Blasphemous Aesthete said...

Congratulations Maithili!

And most of the people you've awarded, well, I've read most of them and they are truly deserving :)

Blasphemous Aesthete

Dr Roshan said...

done... and enjoy :)

Dr Roshan said...

CD!!! said...

Congratulations! I read almost all the other blogs you awarded and they are awesome!

Atrocious Scribblings said...

All very deserved winners and without doubt my favorite blog writers.

Congrats to all of them.

maithili said...

You deserved it :D :D Congratulations !

maithili said...

Congratualtions Doc :) All the above are brilliant writers :)

maithili said...

Thank you :)
All the people are very talented..
Btw we miss your posts :)

maithili said...

Thanks doc for accepting it and posting it so soon :D You are way to better than me :D

maithili said...

Thank you CD :D Where have you disappeared ?? Miss the hilarious posts from you

maithili said...

They are my favorites too :D :D

the little princess said...

u deserve it my dear! congrats!

and ditto for random fact 3!! and hey when can I get a beauty makeover from you?

follow many of those blogs u listed here..they are wonderful!

CD!!! said...

I am very much alive! :D
Guess your reader didn't update you of my posts!

I do, I do. said...

Thank you for stopping by and the follow, mate.

I read your writings and yes, you deserved the award! Congratulations. Keep up the good work. :)


Anita Jeyan Sandeep said...

Thanks a ton, Maithili... :-) And I follow all the above mentioned bloggers..! They are all awesome.! We are a gang now!

Anita Jeyan Sandeep said...

I am your 100th follower !!!!

Sujatha Sathya said...

lots of talent all thoda thoda ...heheh liked that one :))

and the spelling mistakes bit - ditto :D

congrats on the awards and of course, thanks

Suruchi said...

Oh, I love you Maiths...thanks a bunch for such lovely lovely made my day :-)
Congratulations on the award and thank you for thinking me apt for it-muaaaaaaaaaah. And I hate talking in negatives too-one of the many things that make us so similar.

Stay wonderful, stay blessed and always happy :-)

deeps said...

Congrats to all :P
and so nice of you to do it...

ashok said...