Monday, June 18, 2012

Justice prevailed?

              "Can't wait for 4th Dec..  :* My jaan will then b wid me forever" 
              "Just 2 more weeks ! thoda intezaar.."
              "ek ek pal bhaari ho raha hai.. already booked the honeymoon suite ;)"
               She blushed as she read the last text which didn't go unnoticed by her colleagues in the cab. It was her last day at work. She would be on leave from the next day till her marriage on 4th Dec to her sweetheart. After 4 years of relationship they were now finally going to be married! Her joys knew no bounds.
               The cab came to a halt outside Ruhi's apartment. She hurriedly hugged Alka, "Bye babes, see you at the wedding. I will miss you at the office" and rushed to her apartment.
               Her stop was going to be the next. She looked at Abhijit who was seated near the other window. She checked her phone again.
               "Kya hua? So gayi kya?"
               "Nahi baba.. reaching home in 20 mins. Call u then" 
               "waiting for u :*"
                "Me 2 :*"
               The cab screeched to a stop abruptly. Her cellphone dropped. She bent to pick it up when a hand pulled her to the side and someone tied a cloth on her mouth. The cab door opened and the driver pulled her out and into the bushes. The whole street was deserted. It was 2 am afterall. She had never been in this place. Why, O Why had she not seen the driver take an unknown route? Why had she been so busy texting? Where was Abhijit??
               Her eyes opened in shock as she saw Abhijit approaching and smiling at the driver. The driver moved out as Abhijit undid his belt.
              Every  drop of blood in her body felt frozen. She was numbed. She mustered all her strength to push him as he parted her legs but her body won't move. Why was she feeling lifeless?? She lay there helpless as he violated her...
              Darkness came over her. Abhijit, the most well behaved guy in their team.. he was doing dirty things to her.. and she could do nothing to resist him..
             "Bitch! At last I had you.. You thought you can get away with breaking my heart? Couldn't you see how much I love you? You were just mine and look I had you.." he gave a maddening laugh and pushed her back.
             She lay there for 10 minutes trying to gather what happened. Her memory failed her. She tried to think again when another man preyed on her. She tried to scream but the her screams reached only her ears..
            "Kaha tha na.. ye dawai kamaal hai sahab.. madamji ko na hosh rahega na kuch yaad.. kal sab bhool jayegi.." the driver grinned at Abhijit.
           Abhijit was scared. He had been in love with Alka for more than a year but never said it. It was only when Manoj driver had remarked on the way he kept looking when Alka walked home, he was maddened.
          "Aap toh dekhte hi reh gaye.. madam toh kisi aur ki ho gayi.."
           HE had made this devious plan with Manoj when he was drunk.. Drunk for the first time when Alka had given him her wedding card...

           They pulled her into the car and dropped her just outside her building. She was hardly breathing when they left..
           Abhijit couldn't sleep. He wondered how long it would be before Alka regained conciousness. She wouldn't remember a thing Manoj had said. They would just say that they had dropped her outside the apartment. Even if she did find out that she was raped, she wouldn't tell it.. Not now when she was just 2 weeks away from marriage to Dheeraj. Not after all the family drama that happened before everyone agreed to their marriage.
          It was 5 am when his cellphone rang. IT was Ruhi.
        "Abhi.. abhi " she cried.
        "What happened?" he asked, sweating..
        "Alka is dead" she sobbed.
         Abhijit felt the room turning upside down.. How could she die!! Were the 3 tablets he put in her coffee that strong to kill?
         He couldn't think straight. He called Manoj. His number was not reachable. The bastard!! Why had he even listened to him?

         Manoj lay in bed with his regular whore. She would not be enough now he thought. After the pleasure with Alka madam..
        He checked his watch. IT was 4 pm! He had missed work. He switched on the small T.V in the room which seemed to annoy the woman.
        The breaking news gave him a jolt! "I T professional Alka Sharma found dead outside her apartment"
        Panic striken, he searched for his phone. IT was dead! Thank God!!
        Were the police looking for him? What if Abhijit had opened his mouth? What if he had trapped him?
        How did only 3 tablets which Manoj put in her coffee kill her?

5 years later:
       Abhijit was out on bail after his arrest. Manoj was the prime accused. Both were left off due to lack of evidence. Alka is said to be raped by someone after she was dropped by the cab and before she reached home.
      Abhijit is engaged to a girl his parents have found.
      Manoj returned to his native and has 4 kids now. 2 of them girls.
      Ruhi left her job and is now settled in another city after her marriage. She still can't get over the fact that she hugged Alka just minutes before she died.
      Dheeraj hasn't come to terms with Alka's death yet. If he could, he would have killed the bastards with his bare hands.
      Alka's parents are devastated. They were working hard to make their only daughter's dream true and instead they got a nightmare.. They are tired of the rounds to the police station and courts but still hope justice prevails..
 25 years later:
    Abhijit has his own software firm. His wife is a loving homely lady. His children are settled abroad.
    Manoj and his wife live in Uttar Pradesh. Their daughters are married and have children. Their sons have turned to city for employment.
    Dheeraj too is settled with a wife and a daughter.
    Alka's parents are no more.

  Did justice prevail?? Read on the next part..

To be continued.



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