Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Justice prevailed Part 3

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Set sometime in the future..

               She kept looking around nervously. It was her first day in college and she didn't want to make a fool of herself with anything. She adjusted her glasses one more time like she always did in confusion.
              "Excuse me!!" called out a girl from behind her.
              She looked  back, tensed.
              "Sneha Gulati right??" asked the red headed girl who was in shorts and T-shirt. She had a tatoo on her neck. Sneha had heard how seniors cornered the freshers on the pretext of being friends.
               "Yes.. " she mouthed, unsure if her voice reached the red headed girl.
               "Hey chill, I m going to be your partner in today's events." she said blowing her gum.
               "What event?" Sneha asked worried.
               "Just some ice breaking stuff the seniors have planned.. " she replied
               "Ragging??" Sneha questioned softly making sure no one else heard.
               The girl laughed. "From which era have you come girl! Ragging was banned years back.. It is just harmless games that are going to be played. I m in your class. Oh I m Dia Awasthi.. I gotta go.. you chill girl..See you in the evening." saying thus she dashed off to meet other girls.
               Sneha kept walking towards the library to get her library card made. This college boasted of the largest library in any university. She had worked very hard to make it here but she was the only one who landed here among her friends, making her feel like a fish out of water.
              She got her card issued and was out of the library building. So engrossed was she in checking the books she got issued that she forgot all about her clumsiness and landed straight on her face as she tripped. Her books made it into the dust.
              Even as she struggled to stand on her feet she could feel the eyes on her and the laughter that she induced. Yes, she had made her impression! What a start!!
             "Are there still places that make glasses???" someone asked to taunt her.
            "No doubt they were done away with decades back! Look at the antique piece!" someone laughed loud.
             "Hey alien, can I touch your glasses?? The last person in my family to have used glasses was my grandfather" he teased as he came to grab her glasses.
              She stifled a cry. Her vision blurred.. Without her glasses she was as blind as a bat. She could never wear lenses as her eyes were sensitive to it.. She was the ugly duckling with glasses..
              "What are you waiting for! Go to your class" he yelled.
               She shivered. She tried to walk ahead but failed to judge the slope and slipped again. This time she closed her eyes, sure that she will again have to taste the mud.
              Instead someone's strong arms held her. She was frightened by his touch. Although he pushed her back onto her feet, he kept holding her till she could regain her posture. She felt herself reeling. She wanted to push away this person. He repelled her.
             "Yash, give her glasses back." he commanded.
             "Bro, what's wrong with you?" asked the surprised guy who was harassing Sneha.
             "I said just.give.her.glasses.back." He shouted aloud. Sneha got her glasses back in no time.

             Sneha put on her glasses and picked up her bag. He handed her books. Without even looking back, she ran off crying.
             She sat on the wooden bench in the college botanical garden. Her arms scratched and her jeans dirty. She dusted off the mud and washed her hand with the water in her bottle. She had never imagined her first day to be this bad. Her thoughts returned to the guy who had helped her. She hadn't seen him properly but she wanted to stay away from him. For some unknown reason, he scared her.
             Aashman kept his gaze fixed on her. He couldn't understand why he wanted to help her. Right now he wanted to wipe away her tears and reduce her pain. He wanted to make her feel confident about herself, to smile..
            "Listen Yash, never ever bother her" he told his friend.
            "I get it dude. But who is she?? anyone you know?" he enquired.
            "yea I have known her for a long time.. " he lied, fully knowing that any other explanation won't work.

           She steered clear from Yash or his friends. She soon found a group of girls who had the same kind of values like her. She became comfortable in this new environment by the end of her first year.
           She was unaware of the fact that there was someone always looking out for her.
           Unaware that she was the only junior who didn't have to act in the drama planned by seniors.
           Unaware of who left chocolates in her locker each time she tripped somewhere.
           Unaware of how someone always helped her in her new assignments.
           She became proud of her for having conquered so many challenges. Confident to face every new day.
           Every time she came in the same passage as Aashman, she stared at the ground till he passed her. She wanted nothing to do with him..not even eye contact. She failed to understand her hatred for him.

          It was the first day of the second year at college. Aashman was waiting at the college entrance on his bike. His friends were not around that day. He went to the near by tea stall and sat sipping his tea. Perfect on a rainy day he thought.
          It was drizzling since morning but it had started pouring in the ten minutes he was at the stall. He thought of going back home. Anyway the lecture would be boring! He was on his way to his bike when he saw her. Sneha was wearing a white salwar kameez that day. Unusual for a girl who came to college in shirt and jeans. She looked like an angel that day. Aashman kept staring at her. For the first time he wondered if he was just protective of this girl or was it something else?
          She was finding it hard to balance her umbrella and her handbag. Like always! he thought. He smiled at the way she carefully made her way as if she feared falling into a deep valley.
          She saw him staring. Oh my God! What had she done now to have his attention. Was she doing anything funny? Little did she notice the speeding car that was blaring at her. She was stunned when she was pushed aside and fell, making her new white dress brown. IT was like a lightening hit her when she saw that Aashman fell on the other side. She got up and saw that he was bleeding.
        She was scared to meet him. What would she say. She had been so rude to him and yet he had saved her. Came in the way of what was her fate. If it weren't for him, she would have been lying on the bed with not just a fracture maybe. Given her luck, she would have broken a lot more than just her leg.
        For the first time she went near him. He was watching football on TV in his deluxe hospital room. She had bought flowers and a get well soon card after much deliberation. He switched off the TV when he saw her.
       "Thanks for saving me.. you didn't have to do it you know.." she said.
       "You are welcome anyway.." he replied, feeling himself softening towards her.
       " You should have let it hurt me."
       " I couldn't.."
       "How long will you keep coming in my way.. If I m destined to get hurt, I will.."
       "As long as I can.. You won't get hurt when I m around.."
        She looked at him with tears in her eyes.. No one had ever said that to her..

       She visited him only once after that in the hospital. His parents had come to take care of him. She made sure she talked to him every day on phone. After his parents left to their hometown she took the responsibility of caring for him. From bringing him lunch to getting his notes and assignments on time. In the month that they came closer, she now felt comfortable with him and didn't fear him. They fell in love with each other without even knowing it..

        2 years after college, Sneha married Aashman.
        He vowed to protect her for a lifetime. She was his responsibility. He kept her from harm's way. She was the sapling which he had nurtured and grown and made into a confident lady. He now lived to take care of her, for her happiness..
        Hold on for the last part and know if Justice Prevailed.. Concluding part to be updated tomorrow..


Upasana said...

Another cliffhanger! Every part has it in the end.After reading each part i hope that the next one will tell me if justice prevailed but i get hooked on to the next part of the story.I can't wait to see how you connect the dots! Next one..Quick please! :-)

maithili said...

EAch plot has something to connect :) The dots will be connected in the next part :) Keep reading!