Thursday, June 21, 2012

Justice prevailed.. Concluding part

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           On another plane, infinite time..

        The Master awaited the response of the learner.
        "Yes, I now realise why I had to leave.."
        " Would you want to introspect more? You are healthy now to enter the cycle again if you choose."
        " I want to rest here for sometime.. Master, did I hurt that spirit too much to not enter the cycle again?" asked the learner.
        " When you entered the cycle, you chose your fate yourself. You chose to see from the other side. You  ended a life when it was about to get all that it wanted. To experience the same pain, you were called back when you were at the peak of your happiness. The life you put an untimely end to, had no idea what was going to happen to it. The spirit was too hurt to enter a new life again. With much time to rejuvenate life energy and nursing the broken self, it entered the cycle again." the Master explained.
         " I understand now the pain it causes. I have learnt my lesson. I worked all life in difficult conditions. All that mattered in my life was snatched away at a young age. I didn't give up. I toiled to make that life work. I yearned for the union with my beloved. I dreamt of a better life for my mother and sister. I lost it all. I couldn't enjoy that in the physical plane." lamented the learner.
          "Everyone is balancing their karma. You have negated some of yours. The crime you committed in the heat of the moment had consequences which shattered the dreams of that spirit and those associated with it. Your beloved and mother are there to live their own experiences and learn. You all will ascend the spiritual level only after you have learnt in these lives and till then you have to continue the cycle."
         The master left the learner to think back upon his life and learn his lessons till he was thorough with it.
         The learner was Raju..
         Raju was no one but Manoj- the Driver, in another life...

         On yet another spiritual plane..
         " You have lived the promise you made.. There are yet many cycles where you will have to guard her." The Master said.
         "I shall protect her all I can. "
         " You have healed her  in the physical plane, but spiritually she still might be scared of you."
         " I was wrong to have ended her life.. I took my time to arrive on this decision and  I m ready to undergo multiple lifecycles to compensate for what I did to her." the spirit assured
         "You are bound to her. Your spirit is attracted to her in every life. You shall protect that spirit in whatever capacity you can. Her friend, her mate, her father, her mother, her sibling.. Your life is bound to her life.."
         " Master, I will be her protector in every capacity.."
          The Master smiled at his disciple. Not long before his disciple would again have to enter the cycle with another soul..
          Aashman-the protector, none other than Abhijit

         The Master went to the spirit which was in its resting phase.
         " Are you happy with your decision to enter the cycle?" he asked.
         " I entered with apprehensions. I couldn't dare to experience the physical joys and then the ghastly accident that took it all away. But yes Master, my this life was less traumatic. Not traumatic at all in comparison to what I lived before."
          "You have ascended that level of pain. Now you have learnt enough to deal with the next one successfully." he smiled.
          The spirit smiled at the Master.
          No points for guessing Sneha.. IT was Alka
         So what do  you feel? Justice Prevailed???? 

The story is inspired from a small excerpt in the chapter 'So called bad lives" from the book "Conversations with the spirit" 

Doctor: You said that no higher deity punishes you, that people do these things to themselves. Suppose someone had been a murderer. How would they punish themselves?
Spirit: They can choose to go back and for instance, have to leave that existence at the prime of their life when they are the happiest. In that way they are punishing themselves because they are putting themself in the place of the person whose life they cut down, at whatever time. They have to know what it feels like. They have to see it from the other side.
Something violent like a murder committed in the heat of passion will take several lifetimes to pay back and those ways of repaying are as numerous as the times it has been done.
Generally what happens is that in their future lifetimes they will continually be involved in a close relationship of some sort with the person they murdered.
And that is usually an antagonistic type of relation. Because the person they murdered finds that for some reason they fear or hate this person and doesn't understand why.
And meanwhile this person, the murderer, feels compelled to know them and be around them because he wants to make up for what he did in the past lifetime.

P.S: We so often wonder why someone died at such a prime age and what wrong could he possibly have done. Could this be the reason?
The strongest bond we know is between a mother and her child.  Could it be a design that she is compelled to love us in that bond? The same book says that you enter into a bond with your enemy in next lifetime, which makes you compelled to love them. Who is compelled to love you? Whose love has no control? Your parents and siblings right? Could they possibly be your enemy of the last lifetime??
Interesting isn't it?


Mystical Skeptical Me said...

*Speechless* You've written this so beautifully!!!!! There's a book by Sri M, Jewels in the Lotus which circumvents these issues. I loved the way you have connected all the stories and encapsulated the concept of fairness...!

Yes, Justice prevailed! Blessed Be. NEVER stop writing!! :D :D

maithili said...

Thank you sis for the wonderful words :) This was a new theme I tried and I m happy that you liked it :)

Raumali Dasgupta said...

Awesome, left me speechless, could never guess the ending... beautifully scripted :)

Dr Roshan said...

While reading this concluding part, I was reminded of the Dr Brian Weiss series of books i.e. 'Many Masters, Many Lives' and 'Only Love is Real'
Both deal with similar themes via the Docs experience of regression hypnosis where he realised patients were learning life lessons across each birth and were seeing the same person in different forms in different lifetimes.
Well done.. the ending carries the story :) One Gold Star coming up :D

maithili said...

Thanks Raumali :)

maithili said...

I have read Many MAsters Many lives by Dr Brian Weiss and I was very very interested in the narrations of the patients which he recorded over the years.. The book Conversations with the Spirit is also written by a doctor Dolores who has recorded the patients in trans and the conversations are in those stages when the patient is in between two lives!