Saturday, December 14, 2013


               Dreams, Dreams, Dreams.. I wouldn't know what I would be if not for my dreams. For those who have known me from my early blogging years, it wouldn't come as a surprise if I tell you that this blog is majorly about my dreams. My first story (not on the blog) started taking shape from a dream. I think this sounds a little ambiguous because we are used to classifying dreams as the ones we see with our eyes open and the ones we see when we close our  eyes. The one, I m talking about, is the latter one.
              It was a dream where I was in a dilapidated house which had a terrace. I could see two people on the terrace. A guy wearing an orange t-shirt and a girl in a salwar kameez. There were pigeons all about. Suddenly, I was the girl who was standing awkwardly next to the guy. Next thing that happens is that some people are taking him away and I see the girl crying and I feel the pain as if I was the girl. I was just 11 then and I do not know where the inspiration for this dream must have come from. IT was one dream that I thought about for the longest time and was the first dream that was not connected to the people I know or  have seen in my life. I kept thinking about what the story could be, modifying it, amplifying the low voices, making my own interpretations until it finally looked like I knew everything about the story. IT was a story I never put to words. I had no blog then.

            I have had many such dreams that are unrelated to my life or people I know. I think it is an inspiration that is at the back of my mind and which comes to me only when I shut off my real world. My dream world is colorful and dramatic. I see more than one dream sometimes and they are not always about random people. Sometimes they are about memories that  affect me a lot and sometimes they are about people I wish I hadn't lost. Sometimes they are just my family telling me something in dreams. They are so life like that I sometimes get confused if that happened in a dream or in real. Everytime that happens, I wake up and tell my mom so that she knows at least what was my dream and I don't forget that it happened in a dream. It sounds little crazy to other people and so I never disclose my dreams to others.

          I once had a dream  of one of my close friends A  complaining about another L. She was telling me how L's friends thought that A was responsible for the changes in L. Apparently A and L had a fight over it. A few days passed and I met A. I told her about the dream in a light manner. She was amazed. She told me that it was exactly what had happened and she was thinking of telling me that but since we were on a holiday, she thought of telling me when we met.


          On the flip side, my nightmares are also disturbingly clear. It becomes so tormenting that I often wake up crying if I have a nightmare. I think anyone would, if they saw the gruesome torture of poor farmers by British in life like quality. I avoid watching such movies or violent videos because they are converted into my dreams sometimes. 
         I have had a phobia of snakes. When I was very young, I used to dream about snakes all the time and cry. I do not know where I saw my first snake but I couldn't bare to look at one even on television. I used to be terrified of holding water pipes because they would appear like snake to me. I couldn't eat noodles. The phobia was making my dreams frightening. In the later years, my dreams seemed to stop being so fearsome. 
         Again, when I was 18 I began to experience such dreams. I would sometimes slip between my Mom and dad on their bed and hold them after a bad dream. I had kept myself away from any images of snake and yet these dreams... 
        Mom made some inquiries in our community. Snake worship is a very important part of our culture and apparently we had a worship on hold. She made the offering on our side. The dreams haven't been coming since then. Mom told me that when I was small they had done the same thing and that's when it had stopped. I believe in spirits and I believe  a lot in the power of prayers. But I also believe a lot in the power of subconcious. Maybe it was just my subconcious thoughts which had eased. Believe whichever you want! 

       I used to feel like a freak when I would believe spirits. It was after I got in touch with a fellow blogger MSM, I began to feel normal. It was okay to experience such things. Some people are just more receptive to such signals that others no more feel. 
     I went to visit my grandparents to native and we would hit the bed by 8.30. Not accustomed to falling asleep before 11, I would simply close my eyes and lie awake. The rest of the family would be blissfully sleeping and sometimes I would feel a woman calling me down in my dreams. She would tell me to come down. Once again, I confided in Mom. She is used to my weird dreams and she has grown up in the land where spirits are worshipped. She just smiled and told me that the Goddess we worship is in the house that is down. Ofcourse! How could  I miss that? We used to stay there on our visits when grandparents hadn't shifted and the Goddess of our family is in that house. Now we were staying a little away from there. Next day we went there to offer our prayers and my 4 year old cousin asked me, " Why don't you stay here anymore? Come down." I could tell that it was probably his words or the years of prayers that we have been doing that resonated in my dreams. 

    One of my uncles had once told me that I m sensitive to such things. He had also told me that it is no superpower. It is just a power of the subconcious. He also told me that there are a few chants in our culture that empower the subconcious so much that the person can actually see the future. I believe  my dreams and try to decipher the meaning since then. 


      Of course I dream with open eyes too. In fact I have a million little dreams. I efficiently switch off from my surroundings and slip into my dream world, making a perfect world of situations in them. These days I m just dreaming of shedding a few kilos and buying the perfect farewell dress. :P


         I dream to get  published some day. 
         I dream to just write,write, write all day.
         I dream to see more of India first before thinking of other countries.
         I dream to be called as a chief guest in my alma mater
         I dream to have a yellow house
         I dream to have time and money to pamper  myself :P 
         I dream a little more happiness..
I am taking part in The Write Tribe Festival of Words 8th - 14th December 2013. Today's prompt is travel. 

P.S: Today is the last day of the Write Tribe Festival. I cannot believe I wrote on all 7 days. IT has been therapeutic to talk about the things that are an integral part of my life and I ones which I never talked about. Memories and Dreams will be the most personal details of my life which I wouldn't talk otherwise on  my blog. Taking up this challenge was a great choice I  made. Not only did I become regular with my writing but I also came across some beautiful writings. 


Pratikshya Mishra said...

loved your post...we are indeed escapists and dreamers.. dreams seem far better than reality..
i like that dream catcher in the pic you have used... it's used to ward off evil dreams and nightmares...
i share all your dreams , listed towards the end, except the house color. i would prefer blue..:)..
i too like to decipher the meanings of my dreams.. it's interesting..

payal agarwal said...

Isn't it amazing how people come in our dreams and talk to us! Interesting post..

maithili said...

Dreams are sometimes better than reality. I want a dream catcher in real too :P

maithili said...

Yes it is amazing and fascinates me :)

Natasha Borah Khan said...

loved your post :) I also feel that dreams are mysteries waiting to be unrevealed.

Anonymous said...

loved your post... for me travel is the ultimate teacher :)
Do visit me and share your thoughts please :)

Anonymous said...

Absolutely love ur take on the prompt and the way u expressed the dreams. I feel that dreams expressed the truth accurately and showcases the sub-conscious. Last time, I dreamed of something I am longing for and it looks so real. I just wanna explore the meaning of dreams.

Sreeja Praveen said...

Dreams are quite personal, aren't they ? You can never explain the exact feeling that you have when you get a dream.... Dreams have their own lives !! Good take on the prompt !

Natasha Borah Khan said...

Hi. I am passing the Sunshine Award to you. Please check this link: